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Looking for information on Protocol TCP 4567? This page will attempt to provide you with as much port information as possible on TCP Port 4567.

TCP Port 4567 may use a defined protocol to communicate depending on the application. A protocol is a set of formalized rules that explains how data is communicated over a network. Think of it as the language spoken between computers to help them communicate more efficiently.

Protocol HTTP for example defines the format for communication between internet browsers and web sites. Another example is the IMAP protocol that defines the communication between IMAP email servers and clients or finally, the SSL protocol which states the format to use for encrypted communications.

TCP Port 4567

Here is what we know about protocol TCP Port 4567. If you have information on TCP port 4567 that is not reflected on this page, simply leave a comment and we’ll update our information.

PORT 4567 – Information

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  • Port Number: 4567
  • TCP / UDP: TCP
  • Delivery: Yes
  • Protocol / Name: [Malware known as FileNail]
  • Port Description: [malware info: File Nail]
  • Virus / Trojan: Yes, Caution!
    Use our free Digital Footprint and Firewall Test to help verify you are not infected.

Side note: TCP port 4567 uses the Transmission Control Protocol. TCP is one of the main protocols in TCP/IP networks. Whereas the IP protocol deals only with packets, TCP enables two hosts to establish a connection and exchange streams of data. TCP guarantees delivery of data and also guarantees that packets will be delivered on port 4567 in the same order in which they were sent. Guaranteed communication over port 4567 is the key difference between TCP and UDP. UDP port 4567 would not have guaranteed communication in the same way as TCP.

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Because protocol TCP port 4567 was flagged as a virus (colored red) does not mean that a virus is using port 4567, but that a Trojan or Virus has used this port in the past to communicate.

TCP 4567 – Disclaimer

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