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A most wanted feature by our community was to use Kameleo with 911.re SOCKS5 proxies. In this video, we show how to set up Kameleo with Proxifier and 911.re.

  1. Download 911 Re Software Windows 10
  2. 911.re S5 Software Cracked
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  4. Yeah I use 911.re. Make sure you install proxifier and select the proxifier option from the 911 settings to tunnel your whole PC through the SOCKS. Don't use 911's internal proxy tunneler. Many advanced sites are able to tell the traffic outside your browser is from a different IP. Then go to the proxy list and select your proxy.
  • Setting up 911 S5 Proxy
  • Port forwarding

Download 911 Re Software Windows 10

911.re Software
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This page explains how to set up Multilogin with 911 S5 proxy solution. You can find out more information about this proxy provider on theirofficial website.

The 911 S5 client needs to be installed and running on each device on which you plan to use the proxy with Multilogin.

Setting up 911 S5 Proxy

  1. Launch the 911 S5 client and go to the 'Program' tab
  2. Add a random app to the program list (do not add Multilogin here as it will cause instabilities)
  3. Go to the 'Settings' tab
    1. In the 'General Settings' section, untick the 'Auto change TimeZone' and 'Auto close program when proxy changes' options
    2. Enter a Custom Proxy Port and click 'Save'
    3. In the 'Proxy tool' section, select the 'Other Proxy Tools' option
  4. Switch to the 'ProxyList' tab and double-click a proxy you would like to use

Setting up a Multilogin browser profile

  1. Click 'Create new' and go to the 'Proxy' tab
  2. Select 'SOCKS5' in 'Connection type'
  3. Fill out the 'IP or host' and 'Port' fields with the IP and port from the 'Local proxy' section of the 911 S5 client. 'Username' and 'Password' fields should be left empty
  4. Click 'Check proxy' → 'Create profile' → 'Start'

Port forwarding

In order to use different proxies in each Multilogin browser profile, you can forward 911 S5 proxies through certain ports on your device. This will allow you to work with several profiles at the same time.

  1. Launch the 911 S5 client and go to the 'Settings' tab
  2. In the 'General Settings' section, enter the port range available for port forwarding and click 'Save'

911.re S5 Software Cracked

  1. Go to the 'ProxyList' tab and right-click on a proxy you would like to use. Select the 'Forward Port To Proxy' option and choose any available port
911.re Software

You can also check proxies that are already assigned to certain ports in the 'ProxyList' tab by clicking 'PortForwardList' Mac os apps download.

  1. Create a Multilogin browser profile and select 'SOCKS5' in 'Connection type'. Enter the localhost address into the 'IP or host' field and a corresponding port value into the 'Port' field. 'Username' and 'Password' fields should be left empty
  2. Click 'Check proxy' → 'Create profile' → 'Start'
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