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Our suite of software solutions complete structural foundation designs from concept to construction for an array of industries. Developed by engineers, our products are tailored in a way that is intuitive and efficient for engineers to use.

Take a look at the video below to see our new foundation design environment and feature demonstrations for our new products Foundation3D and Mat3D. While the new products share common foundation design and analysis capabilities with the old products, they come with:
a. Support and integration with latest versions of Microsoft windows operating systems with a single simplified installation
b. Dynamic and user-friendly graphical interface
c. Support of concurrent multiple-foundation calculations, drawing and modeling environment
d. 3D & 2D visualization of projects containing hundreds of foundations
e. Customizable exports of drawings and models to AutoCAD
f. Economic analysis of foundation by material and labor costs
g. Cloning and grouping of foundations
h. Irregular-shaped foundation design

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SkyCiv Foundation Design Software. Design concrete foundations and piles with ease in minutes. Integrated with Structural 3D, import forces directly from your 3D model's analysis. Customize soil layers, column locations, foundation types and reinforcement to obtain the most efficient design. Communicate design results through detailed hand calculations with code references, all exportable as a PDF. Modal,time history analysis or harmonis (FRF), how to apply the dynamic forces that act in the neutral axisof the turbine which is above the foundations, what load combinations to use, what type of mashing is the best chooise in this case. Anything that can be helpfull. FOUNDATION is America's #1 Construction Accounting Software® for job cost accounting, project management and mobile. See an online product tour! Sales: (800) 246-0800 Support: (800) 811-5926 HOME CLIENTS COVID-19. A comprehensive suite of tools for analyzing the settlement of foundations and surface loads. Perform time-dependent settlement and consolidation analysis with Settle and analyze surface deformation and bearing capacity problems using finite element analysis in RS2 and RS3.

Foundation Design Solutions

Before we develop our software solutions, we study the structural design process and the challenges structural engineers face in their everyday work. Whether you are designing foundations for commercial buildings, transmission lines, bridges, oil and gas equipment, our products will help you adhere to your work process flow and increase your productivity.

From Concept to Construction

Our products are used by our customers worldwide, spanning six continents and ranging from one-person offices to international corporations, in every phase of their projects.

  • Conceptual phase – obtain material quantity estimates to estimate civil/structural cost of a project
  • Design phase – complete foundation designs per client specifications, provide necessary concrete/reinforcement details, include plot plan views and 3D models
  • Construction phase – quickly determine an optimized solution after considering many what-if scenarios when things do not quite work out as planned

Foundation3D 2019, Mat3D 2019, Shaft3D 2019, DSAnchor

Our products Foundation3D 2019, Mat3D 2019, Shaft3D 2019 and DSAnchor reside in a single user interface or framework called dsAppManager. Click the button below to see what is different in Foundation3D 2019 and Mat3D 2019.

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ELPLA(ELASTIC PLATE) is a powerful tool for analyzing piled-raft foundations. ELPLA has models for analyzing single pile, pile groups, piled raft foundation. ELPLAcan analyze foundation of arbitrary shape with a real subsoil model. The mathematical solution of the raft is based on the finite element method. The program can analyze different types of subsoil models, e.g. the three-dimensional Continuum model that considers any number of irregular layers. A good advantage of this program is the capability to handle the three analyses of flexible, elastic and rigid foundations. In addition, the mesh of the rigid and flexible foundations can be constructed to be analogous to the finite element mesh of the elastic foundation. Therefore, the three analyses can be compared easily and correctly. ELPLAcan also be used to represent the effect of external loads, neighbouring foundations, tunnelling and the influence of the temperature difference on the raft.

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ELPLA 11.4 is the recent edition of our ELPLA software. Now you can download a free version of ELPLA, Piled-Raft Foundation Design Software from https://geotecsoftware.com/downloads/category/32-geotec-office-11

You can also try all the features of ELPLA Professional for 30 days when you download the Lite edition from https://geotecsoftware.com/buy/product/geotec-office-11-4-lite

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Aboutsofashallow Foundation Analysis Software

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