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  • Im done spending money for camo, season pass or any other stuff for this game while getting left behind. Im coming from 2 rounds in a row with 3 afk bots in first round and 2 in the second (only in my team!!!! I think even more with the enemy team!) Stop give a. about your community R6!

RainbowSix 2020 10 19 02 56 52 310 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Gs auto clicker: you enjoy this video! Moon sworn pdf free download windows 10. Make sure you set your pickupitems.txt so that you don’t become overweight with garbage while you leave your bot leveling when you’re AFK. Example – I only list the items I want to pick up. Use ratemyserver as a reference for drops. Remember to set your bot to use skills!

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Afk Bot Assassins

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Afk Bot For Assassin

I see way too much AFK Bots in R6, when I play at night at least every 3 rounds there is one in my team.
It destroys the whole Game, one guy is even named [Removed], I know him since round about 3 months and see him often when I play, I report him every time for cheating, and he still isn't banned and AFK botting.. It's the same with this other dude [Removed] I know him since months and see him often, report him every time because he is every time botting, and still, he isn't banned yet..
Not even the round you're playing gets destroyed, I just don't get motivated farming renown because I know there are guys like this with an AFK Bot doing nothing and getting so much renown..
This new function to Block Players has so much potential, why do I get in a game with players I blocked? With a function where you will never ever see a blocked player again this problem would be already a lot better, because at night I get 2 or 3 rounds in a row the same AFK botting player in my lobby.. Why is no one doing anything against it??