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American Meadows/Vermont Wildflower Farm, Ray Allen, 232 Avenue D, Suite 30, Williston, VT 05495; 802-951-5812; FAX: 802-951-9089; email: URL: Largest wildflower seed center in the East in the midst of 6 acres of wildflowers. Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab Center, evolved from a long history of saving animals from neglect and abandonment. It started as the Animal Trust Foundation which was founded May 16, 1973 by Patrica Woodbridge Nelson. Natives for Sun. Our most popular, showy wildflowers for a spot that is sunny, at least most of the time. Meadow View Equestrian Center is an exceptional full service boarding, teaching and learning facility owned and directed by Tamara DeRosby. Our goal at Meadow View Equestrian Center is to develop confident riders while placing a high priority on safety.

Natives for Sun

Our most popular, showy wildflowers for a spot that is sunny, at least most of the time.

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Natives for Shade

Beloved woodland wildflowers for shade gardens, restorations or just that spot under a tree.

Rock Meadows Equestrian

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Pollinator Favorites

Attracting birds, butterflies & bees is easy if you choose the plants they need. GO NATIVE! Mac os how to boot from usb.

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Tired of mowing? Try the responsible alternative to energy-intensive turf lawns. FREE SHIPPING!

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Grasses & Sedges

Affordable grasses add striking color and texture, while providing year-round cover and food for wildlife.

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Spring Bloomers

Early-bloomers are very important food sources for the first pollinators that emerge after winter's retreat.

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Fall Color

As summer fades, color doesn't have to. Fall-bloomers also serve as critical food for migratory birds & butterflies.

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Monarch Favorites

Our threatened Monarch needs more than Milkweed. Choose wildflowers that provide nectar spring through fall.

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Meadow Classics

You may remember these plants in abundance when you were young. It's your time to bring them back.

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Dry/Sandy Sites

Perky and showy but also tough and drought-tolerant, these natives will brighten your dry area.

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Lakeshore or Wetland

Your water's edge can be transformed from a troublesome muddy spot into a beautiful, ecologically-sound space.

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Custom Seed Mixes

We offer FREE custom seed-mix design services to help you re-create a bit of nature's prairies.

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Ground Covers

Short natives that spread readily, holding soil and crowding out weeds, for beauty & functionality.

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Fragrant Plants

With fragrant flowers or leaves, these plants will be a welcome addition to your garden.

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Emergent Plants
Rock meadows equestrian

Tolerant of standing water, these natives like their feet wet; good choices for a shoreline or pond edge.

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Black Walnut Tolerant

Try these juglone-resistant native plants near Walnut, Hickory and other alleopathic plants.

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“A place where horses can heal”

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a safety net for severely neglected and/or abused horses, which after veterinary care, nursing, treatment, and management, can eventually return to living as healthy, active horses. This will be accomplished in a number of ways:

  • A state of the art treatment facility with an eight stall barn and several outside corrals, two round rings and turnout area.
  • Medical equipment to assess the health and condition of each horse and monitor its recovery.
  • A foster care network to house healthy horses until they can be adopted.
  • An adoption program designed to ensure each healthy animal will be well cared for the rest of its life.

The History of Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab

Equestrian Stables Near Me

Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab Center, while a newcomer to the horse rescue community, comes from a long history of saving animals from neglect and abandonment. It started as the Animal Trust Foundation which was founded May 16, 1973 by Patrica Woodbridge Nelson. Originally named the Animal Trust Sanctuary, the foundation owned a five acre ranch in Ramona, California, where Ms. Nelson established and maintained a rescue center for dogs and cats. Years later the ranch was donated to Fund for Animals, a New York animal rescue of which Cleveland Amory was the head. The Animal Trust Sanctuary changed its name to Animal Trust Foundation (ATF) and continued in the ensuing years to donate funds to many local animal welfare and rescue organizations. It was in November, 2014 that the decision was made to create an offshoot from the Foundation designed to rescue and care for injured and starving horses. Thus Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue came into being.

Substantial investment was made in creating a state of the art care facility, including an eight stall steel barn, weight scale, and medical equipment. There are also six outside corrals with a half-acre paddock. As we grow there is room to expand to about double our current capacity. Being limited in space to about four acres, we focus on horses with urgent medical issues in the need of long term (six to twelve months) care, rather than warehousing abandoned animals. There are many rescues in San Diego County doing a great job in taking care of these orphaned horses and they deserve all the praise they receive. Our doors are open to any organization which may find itself overly burdened by the health care requirements of some horses with special needs. Additionally, equine veterinarians occasionally encounter an injured horse which requires long term care and which the owner cannot afford to address. In these circumstances, often the unfortunate choice is made to euthanize the animal solely because of the unbearable cost placed on the owner. These are our patients.

Equestrian Stables In Maryland

ATF continues to operate as it always has, contributing to the support of welfare and rescue organizations under the direction of Anthony Clark, one of the original founders. The former president, Douglas Stoodt, became and continues to be the CEO and Director of Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue.