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Since installing auto-tune pro, I have noticed that on songs using the plugin, I am getting dropouts every so often.. Its completely unpredictable when it will occur, it could happen anywhere between a couple minutes to 20 or more minutes.. It seems to get worse when there are multiple instances of the plugin in the session but has occurred with just 1 or 2 instances also.. I had no trouble with auto-tune 8 or any version before that.. My CPU is usually showing very low usage and everything seems to be working fine.. then for a quick little moment all audio drops out and then recovers like nothing happened. Not a big deal if i'm just mixing, but I also use auto-tune while tracking (like very very often)… When the dropout strikes during recording, there is a little dead space committed to the incoming audio file.
I normally use Low Latency mode in auto-tune pro, or classic mode. I run auto-tune in automatic mode, then use melodyne to fix up any weird stuff after tracking.
I first thought the issue was due to an underpowered pc (which was an older i7 with 8gb of ram), and i have since upgraded my pc to the fastest i7 currently available (not running any overclocking or throttling. I have even disabled hyperthreading to try smooth out this issue)
I just downloaded reaper to do some testing.. I loaded up auto-tune pro on 8 audio tracks and played around with it in reaper for a while and didn't find any issue there.. perhaps if I really work a project in reaper I will find some problem but after half an hr trying to learn a few basics of using reaper I was running back to my comfort zone in studio one!
I have tried to fix the issue by changing the dropout protection levels in SO4, running with the green z active and disabled.. higher and lower buffers on my fireface uc… and at some point the dropouts have always come back.
I contacted antares support and they say no one else has reported any problems with Studio One and Auto-Tune Pro. They had me uninstall and reinstall the plugin, and also update my ilok driver.. Still no fix. I also updated my rme drivers to cover all bases. I wondered how this is an unknown issue to Antares support, but after searching this forum I see that no one has even mentioned Auto-Tune Pro here at all! A bit strange since Auto-Tune Pro is also one of the few ARA plugins available (for graph mode when inserted as clip fx)… I have one friend who is still on studio one v3, and he told me that he has also noticed a few dropouts per hr on his system since moving to auto-tune pro.
These dropouts never happen in any session that does not have Auto-Tune Pro. As a work around, i have been using my old Auto-tune 5 thru Jbridge on all my recent projects while I hope for this to get worked out. Auto-Tune 5 is very smooth as far as audio performance. Just very slow to load and copy due to the bridging. I really want to get Pro working as expected.
Any other Studio One users are having a similar experience with Auto-Tune Pro?
windows 10
i7 8086k processor
16gb ram
rme fireface uc
studio one 4.1.1
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I also have noticed some heavy cpu from Auto Tune Pro, I've found it also spikes in Cubase 10. This seems like an Antares issue.
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I stopped using all Antares because it doesn't seem to be optimized anymore. It acts the same way in all DAWs I've used. For AutoTune, I now use Waves Real Time Tune. Works just as well, and has no spike.
Win10x64 (Eng), Studio One 5.x, 32GB DDR4 RAM, Intel i7 5820, nVidia 960, Focusrite 18i8. Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61, Presonus FaderPort 8.
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I quit using AutoTune and its stupid USB dongle protection. I should have known better. I will never buy another product that requires a USB dongle. AutoTune created many issues (more than I want to go into here) but, as soon as i removed it out of system everything started working properly again. Maybe just me as I am sure lots of folks find it works for them. Big waste of money as far as I am concerned.
I did buy the UAD plugin and have had no issues so far (no dongle required)
Studio One Pro 5.2 Mac Desktop 10.13.6 Midas 32 Board / Interface

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