Best Grocery List App

Jun 08, 2020 The best grocery list apps to make shopping easier 1. AnyList wants to make your life super easy. As you type out your grocery list, the app has a feature that organizes. Clean, simple, and incredibly easy to use, Our Groceries is a favorite grocery list shopping app for families on the go. Ideal for collaborating on shopping lists for any meal or occasion, users can sync up multiple lists to seamlessly check off or add items while shopping in real time.

Top 15 best to do list apps 2021 (free and paid)

In this post, we’re going to introduce and review several best free and paid to do list apps. Let’s take a look at the top-notch software for to do lists and find the most suitable one for you and your team to boost productivity at work.

1. Quire

If you’re doing some research online for the best to do list apps on Capterra or G2Crowd, you must have come across Quire as one of the top rated planners and to do apps for personal use and business teams.

Best Grocery List App

The intuitive and simple user interface is always a dealbreaker for anyone who comes across a new to-do list app. Quire developer team has spent years of effort to strive for a delicate balance between simplicity and the powerful features. The elegant and intuitive interface is one of the aspects that Quire users appreciate the most.

A good to do list app must have the simplest and most straightforward flow to let users streamline their work. With Quire, you can set up different lists as different projects. For example, a list of daily chores such as 'Grocery List' and another list for more complicated tasks, such as 'Writing a book'.

A lot of the productivity tools adopt to-do list as one of the key features. However, Quire brought the flat to-do list to another level and introduced an infinite nested task list - unlimited tasks and subtasks that help you break down big ideas into smaller and doable tasks.

Unlike other to do list apps, Quire gives users a hierarchical order to monitor a task. With the tree structure, the parent tasks and the children tasks can be presented within context and relations. Quire nested to do list mirrors exactly how your thoughts are mapped out and creates a better backbone for your whole productivity workflow.

Best Grocery List Apps

A to do list can be nothing more than a plain text without the tasks’ schedule and priorities. You can set up the start dates, due date, recurring dates, priorities, tags, etc. to a task so that they can provide more detailed information for your task list.

A visual report in the overview page shows how well your project and the executing process is performing. You can adjust the resources based on the progress of your to do list. If you’re working with a team, Quire also keeps everyone on the same page with the real-time collaboration features. Quire comes with both Android and iOS apps to keep you in sync.

Best Grocery List App Free

To put in a nutshell, Quire is not only an cloud-based to do list, Quire can help you achieve your dreams!

Some more amazing features that make Quire your best investment.

Best grocery list app 2021

Best Iphone Grocery List App

Key Features

  • Nested Task list: Breakdown big tasks and organize with structured list.
  • Kanban Board: Focus on selected crucial tasks in a short period of time.
  • Sublist: For one to-do list, create as many sub-lists as you wish to focus on which matters the most to you.
  • Timeline: A beautiful Gantt chart that helps to map out team schedules in the most intuitive way.
  • Multiple Assignees: Assign a task to the people who are responsible for it.
  • Schedule: Set start date, start time, due date, recurring date for a task to track the process.
  • Project Template: Save time - duplicate a project or task to use as a template.
  • Reports: A visual overview of how well each of your projects and members is performing.
  • Smart Folders: View and organize tasks from different projects in one place.
  • External Team: Outsource your tasks and assign to third parties without them seeing everything on your projects.
  • Share Links: Send an invitation link to your clients so they can access your project without signing up.
  • Smart Keyboard Shortcuts: Tons of nifty shortcuts that allow you to work on your project without reaching the mouse.
  • File Sharing: Easily upload a file or attach a file from Google Drive to your tasks.
  • Integrations: Github, Slack, Google Drive, etc.
  • Export and Import data: Pain-free migrating your data or export your projects to save as a local backup.


  • Interchangeable infinite nested task list and Kanban Board
  • Comprehensive collaboration features including multiple assignees and scheduling.
  • User-friendly and minimalist interface.
  • Cross-platform operations: iOS, Android mobile apps
  • Smart search feature to locate every piece of information.
  • Integrations with Slack, Google Drive, iCal, Google Calendar, etc.

The queen of spades. Cons

  • Lack of various theme options
  • No built-in chat (can use task-based comments are updated in real-time instead)


  • FREE!

You don’t have to take our word for it, see for yourself about all of the features here. Enjoy, work smart and have fun with Quire!