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Years back, only a handful got interested in Bisaya rock. Even Archie Uy of 'Aggressive Audio' that is now a pillar of Bisrock with their 'Senior Citizen' track had his share of rejection for. A portmanteau of the words Bisaya and rock,”BisRock” is a sub-genre of Filipino rock music that focuses on songs written and performed in the Cebuano language. The term was first coined by Cebuano writer Januar E. Yap back in 2002, although the style started during the 80’s. A portmanteau of the words Bisaya and rock,” BisRock” is a sub-genre of Filipino rock music that focuses on songs written and performed in the Cebuano language. The term was first coined by Cebuano writer Januar E. Yap back in 2002, although the style started during the 80’s.

Oo, tungod kay romantic man tang mga Bisaya, daghan gyong kanta ang bahin sa gugma. Pipila lamang ni nga makapahinumdom sa kagahapon nga milabay na. Nangita og bag-ong mga Bisaya nga kanta? Basaha ni: Bisaya Music List: Bag-ong mga Kanta Karong 2018. Let’s Maoy to Move On. These are the Bisaya Songs for people nga wala pa ka-move on like you!

(This is an article by Marit Stinus-Remonde published last 4th of's the link)
(Pics: The Ambassadors last 21st of April at Handuraw Cafe)
Junior Kilat’s Ako si M16, FM radio station NU107’s 2005 Song of the Year, reflects the growing popularity of the use of Cebuano in contemporary alternative music. Visayan bands with an ambition to reach a nationwide audience make albums in English or Tagalog. Urbandub, Sheila & The Insects, The Ambassadors and Cueshé are examples of Visayan rock bands that have gained national fame and didn’t release Visayan or Cebuano language singles.

Cebuano is the language in which Cebuanos speak, work, think, quarrel and dream. You hear it all around you if you are in a Cebuano-speaking area. Nothing would be more natural than to hear Cebuano in the songs played on radio. As Ms. Marie Denise Cristobal, a second-year student of the University of San Carlos, puts it: The airing of Cebuano language rock songs “has added color to ordinary radio listening.” This music is known as Bisaya Rock or Bisrock.

In the past only few rock bands went against the current and did Cebuano language albums and songs. Today, however, the trend has been reversed and Cebuano lyrics have become the “X factor” that gives a local band an edge over other bands—including Manila’s top bands, as far as the Cebuano rock audience is concerned. The Ambassadors’ album Simple Changes includes one song in Cebuano. The song Ulipon is, however, only a hidden track attached after one of the album’s regular songs. You have to scan carefully the small print on the cover to find the title of the song. Yet Ulipon has become the band’s most popular song in Cebu, the song that concert-goers wait for and sing along with.

There has been a virtual wave of Bisrock songs and bands in recent months despite the fact that few local radio stations allocate significant airtime to the Cebuano rock songs. Yet, according to Ms. Cristobal’s study of the Bisrock phenomenon, 87 percent of the students she surveyed are familiar with it. While only 64 percent of the total survey group actually like the genre, 75 percent are proud of the Bisrock artists and bands. Ms. Cristobal writes in her introduction to the study that “I am very proud of our Bisaya artists. This study I am conducting is, first and foremost, my expression of support for their efforts to promote the Cebuano-Visayan dialect.”

The songs are not only liked because of their being in Cebuano. The most popular of the Bisrock bands—Aggressive Audio, Ambassadors, Blood of the Stone, Gangrene, Indephums, Jimmycycle, Mantequilla, Missing Filemon, Phylum and Timeslot—compose songs with lyrics that Ms. Itns 500 software. Cristobal’s survey group found to be “a good mix of social and political awareness, humor and romance.” A review of Missing Filemon’s album Sinesine sums up the unique effect of Bisrock: “The new songs have a subtle way of serenading the eardrums, re-arranging the brain and waking up the Bisaya in you.” (The Freeman, February 24, 2006).

Most Bisrock bands started by doing cover versions but they owe their fame in the Cebu music scene to their original compositions. For some band members, writing the songs was a way out of personal problems and frustrations. In an age where the instant gratification provided by materialism and illegal drugs has become the preferred escape valve and pastime of the depressed, the heartbroken and the bored, it is encouraging beyond compare that some young Visayans have ventured down a road less traveled by creating their own brand of music, a brand never tried or tested before.

I went to a concert and was surprised to hear the crowd sing along the Cebuano songs despite the fact that the songs are new and few radio stations play them. Obviously, the Bisaya in the Cebuanos have been awakened but not in a parochial sense. Rather, the music reflects a will and courage to be true to our free and unique selves without fear of going against convention.

Handuraw Cafe was actually jampacked with bisrock fanatics that the place became too small for all the participants. Great performances by Urbandub, Still Techisoba and OneManDown. I don't really like Anino. I can't relate to their friggin' songs. eod..

There was a time in the music inductry, when the Bisayan Rock, or commonly known as 'Bisrock' bands entered the music scene and captured a multitude of listeners, with their meaningful, reality-based and captivating 'Bisdak' (Bisaya dialect) songs. In some Visayan regions, such as Cebu, many bands rose to fame along with their songs. Among them include the Missing Filemon, Brownian Method, Ambassadors,
As a citizen of Cebu, I can't help but feel proud of them and there songs. And I feel it is rather fit for me to share why. So here in this blog, I will be translating some of their songs into English (as there're already translations to Tagalog), for the benefit of those who don't speak native Bisaya. I think it seems fit for them to know when each song is trying to tell it's audience, because I notice that there are lots of people who rather like the songs but cannot appreciate the meaning because they can't understand the dialect.I will try to translate the lyrics to the most accurate English word that corresponds to them. I know I can't give enough justice to the songs when translating them to English BECAUSE there are certain Bisaya words that just DON'T have a corresponding English word. In fact, there are many Bisayan words that cannot be translated into English. What Iw ill do here is translate the lyrics as accurately as I could for the benefit of those whoc ouldn't understand the dialect, becasue the songs are really great. Once you get to understand it, you'll be able to say that they tell a lot about us Bisayas and the Filipinos as well. I'm a native Cebuana speaker, so I'll do the best I could. I also expect soem help from you guys, especially in translating because sometimes words get stuck up in my mind when I try to find them and I end up writing the not-so-accurate one. But if you do really want to understand them to the bones, the best thing to do is just learn Bisaya and Filipino. Lots of people will be so willing to help you. So there. All I ask are two things: that you'll help me with some things I can't translate and PLEASE, although I'll be translating them to English, singing them in that dialect just doesn't seem to be so appropriate with me. I don't know with you. Anyway, the main purpose of my translating them is for the maning. . I'll be including footnotes as well, just to give a glimpse of the Cebu culture.
* the lines under each Bisrock line are the translation. We'll be posting more soon.
Translation for
Sine- Sine (Missing Filemon)
sine-sine wala tay laing lingaw
sine-Sine* (refers to the act of playing characters like in a cinema) , there's nothing else we can do
kandila luyo sa habol
candle behind a blanket
katawang binayran ug pisong kinawat
laughter that's paid by a stolen peso*
sa gubaong pitakang lola
from lola's* worn out wallet
anino sa mga artistang papel
shadow of the paper actors/actresses*
gihinganlan tag si Pedro'g Sabel
we named Pedro and Sabel
silang bida niatong estorya
they are the star of our story
sa gugma nga way katumanan
of a love that will never be fulfilled
sine sine sine sa bata pa
sine sine* sine when we were young
di na unta matapos pa
hope it will never end
bisan pa man sa pagdagan sa panahon
even with the flow of time
lantawon mga eksena nga mulabay
gaze upon the scenes that will pass
tanan tawo makasakay
everyone will be able relate
saksihan ta ang pagdagan sa panahon
let's witness the flow of time(or the coming of years)
sige sige ha lang imung paglakaw
just continue your strides
ay'g kahadlok
don't be afraid
may kahayag nga
a light
mudan ag sa dalang mangingit
will illuminate your dark way
lakip na ang langit daw lapad nga adlaw
including the heaven that's like a wide sun
ang kinabuhi sugilanong hiwi
life is a crooked tale
kalipay ,kasakit, ug kalami
happiness, pain and pleasure
silang bida niing salida
they are the stars of this movie(show)
sa gugma nga way katumanan
about a love* that will never be fulfilled
Suroy-suroy (Missing Filemon)
ipaagi lang ug lakbay lakbay
do it through travel*
patid, labay labay
kicking, and throwing
sa lata nga gamay
of the small tincan
ang mag kahilayan nga milumay
the activities that charmed
kang dodong ug inday
dodong* and inday* (look at the bottom of the page)
luyo unya sa atong katawa
(look) behind our laughter
tan-awon ta ug may kalipay ba
let's see if there's (really) happiness
sayo sa buntag sugod na paglakaw
start walking (or your travels) early morning
kay ang adlaw sa imong panit di pa sakit
because the sun (sun's rays) is not yet painful against your skin
and kadalanan sa atong dakbayan
the streets in our city
gubot pa's lukot
are more chaotic than creases*
basin pag maugmaan
could even last until tomorrow
ayaw baya ug pagmahay
don't you ever dare regret
ayaw'g ingnang wa ka kaangay
don't say that you don't like it (or you don't see it's fit)
kay and nakita mu migo
because what you're seeing, friend
kaugalingon mo
is yourself
dalang Colon gamay lang gud gihapon
Colon street , (as usual) is still small
ang Casining sunog balay na run sa buyog
the burned Casini, now is the house of bee
may mga batang naghingos ug putos
there are children sniffing a pack
abi nimo'g pansit apan diay papilit
you thought was pansit*, but it was rugby
liko's tuo padung Jones Avenue
turn right towards Jones Avenue
you gotta say it cool mura mo'g Amerkano
you gotta say it cool, you sound like an American
but your American Express gikawat sa pulis
but your American Express was stolen by the police
ay'g tugot nga sa Fuente ka magutman
don't ever allow yourself to be get hungry when in Fuente
kay usahay sa larsian
because sometimes in Larsian
magsakit ang tiyan
your stomach will ache
si aida, lorna o di ba si Fe
aida, lorna or if not, Fe
ay pada sa tigaw
don't allow yourself to be influenced (by these things)
maaan ka nga bugaw
you'll be mistaken as bugaw*
liko's tuo padung Jones Avenue
turn right towards Jones Avenue
you gotta say it cool mura mo'g Amerkano
you gotta say it cool, you sound like an American
but these will lead the morning soon
but these will lead the morning soon
kay finals na puhon
because (tomorrow/ the next days) will already be finals*
duha, tulo, upat and mall sa Cebu
two, three, there are four malls in Cebu
may Ayala, Shoemart
there's Ayala, Shoemart
may Carbon ug Happy Mart
there's Carbon and Happy Mart
33, 32, 51 ug 82
33, 32, 51 and 82
mga cellphone gilabni
cellphones that were snatched
sa tinderon'g mani
from a peanut vendor
liko's tuo padung Jones Avenue
turn right towards Jones Avenue
you gotta say it cool mura mo'g Amerkano
you gotta say it cool, you sound like an American
the city smells of guns and goons
the city smells of guns and goons
no more candies and balloons
no more candies and balloons
lawm nang gabii mangitngit nga langit
the night is deep, the heaven is dark
nagamata ka pa ba o pinangga?
are you still awake, ny darling*?
wa koy laing dala
i'm bringing nothing else
kundi kining tim-os kung paghigugma
except this true* love of mine
bisag dili takos
nangandoy nga unta lingion mo na
dreaming that you will finally glance
ablihi na ang bintana mo baby
open your window now, baby
lantawa kining nagaawit o honey
gaze upon this singing man, oh honey
wa koy laing dala
i'm bringing nothing else
kundi kining awit sa paghigugma
except this song of my love
bisag kinaraan
although old-fashioned,
mga pulong gikan sa akong dughan
the words come from my chest (heart)
wa koy laing dala
kundi kining
nganong gihikaw kanako ang langit?
why was the hevaen withheld from me?
balos sa akong pagantos kasakit
in return to my suffering and pain
di ko igsapayan
i will not mind*
kung ang mag luha ko way padulngan
if my tears have nowhere to go
inday, wa na sad tay tingganay
lately man gud sige lang kag pangaway
kung makalingaw
if it is fun
mulakaw maglatagaw
walk, take leisure
way mahimo kung dili nimu ipahungaw
you won't be able to do anything if you will not burst it outCollection
mangitag lingaw
look for fun
di ka angay mauwaw
you should not be shy
kinsa bang balaod ang imuhang gisunod?
(tell me) who's law are you abiding to?
tawga and kalangitan
call the heavens
pasalamat sa uwan
thank for the rains

Bisaya Rock (bisrock) Collection Center

hangyoang mga dsantos nga di na matapos ang unos
beg the saints not to stop the storm

Bisaya Rock (bisrock) Collection Agency

ayawg padal sa uyab mung selosa
don't be influenced by your jealous girlfriend
sa mga babayeng gusto lang kang hikapon
by girls who just want to touch you
walay gidili
nothing's forbidden
kung ikaw di magdali
if you're not in a hurry
kung ikaw di mabalaka
if you're not worried
kung kanus a muuli
on when to go home

Bisaya Rock (bisrock) Collection Code

sugod paglakaw
start walking
sa imong paglatagaw
on your travels*
likayi and dalan nga gilakang sa uban

Bisaya Rock (bisrock) Collection Album

steer clear of the path on which others stepped