Bookworm Adventures

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Bookworm Adventures

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: November 28, 2006

This game has unused code.
This game has hidden development-related text.
This game has debugging material.
This game has revisional differences.
This game has anti-piracy features.

This game has a notes page

Bookworm Adventures Vol 2. Morning Everyone, I have an emulator to play windows 7 and i currently have finished bookworm adventures deluxe. I've been looking for. The download version of Bookworm Adventures is 32.0. The download is provided as is, with no modifications or changes made on our side. The license type of the downloaded software is trial. This license type may impose certain restrictions on functionality or only provide an evaluation period. The download was scanned for viruses by our system.

To do:
  • Decompile the LUC files, there's more in them, they are compiled with LUA 5.0.2 but stupidly headered.
  • Add content from:

Bookworm Adventures is a word-based fairytale RPG of the classic Bookworm and also one of the most expensive casual games ever made, with a $700K budget. The developers on the public developer forum say the game was in development for two years! Wow!

  • Bookworm Adventures is a puzzle game made by PopCap. It features Lex as he unravels the mystery in the Great Library. This game has three books; Book 1: Oedipus Lex; Book 2: Arabian Knight; Book 3: Lexonomicon. It starts as Lex was reading a book until Codex called him. Codex then shows a book with a message written by Cassandra asking for help. Then Codex told Lex that he must save.
  • Bookworm Adventures 2 is a great continuation of PopCap's battling vocabulary game. The two games are the best competitive word knowledge Bookworm Adventures 2 is a great continuation of PopCap's battling vocabulary game. The two games are the best competitive word knowledge games out there (not that this is a very large niche).
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  • 4Debugging Material
    • 4.1Developer Cheats
  • 6Developer Notes



Unused text

To do:
Does an 'expansion pack' exist?

Unplayable Words

The following words are contained in the game's dictionary, but cannot be played in the actual game due to the fact that they contain a Q not immediately followed by a U:

The word list also contains words with 5 or more instances of the same letter, which are also impossible to play since the game never lets more than 4 of the same letter tile onto the board.

Debugging Material

To do:
Enable this if possible.

Developer Cheats

scripts/cheat.luc appear to have developer cheats, functions are modify HP, level up, modify XP, instant kill, complete chapter, complete book, modify tile architectures, set particles, nuke profile, status testing, load debug profile, add items, beatdown multiplier modifiers, die, save, get selected chapter, modify treasure count, bypass/repeating tutorials, give player+enemy buffs/debuffs, enabling minigames, enabling bestiary, delete words, forcing an attack, and hiding treasures.

The game also looks for this file on bootup.

Enemy weakening?

Sounds like a function to weaken enemies.

Forcing an enemy's attack?


Beta Support

Some files mention BETA_BUILD, likely referring to builds distributed from PopCap's game beta testing page and is also a flag for what current build type is used when released to the public.

LUA Error Handler

If a LUA has an error, the game will say this message:

It will be created or replaced in the game's root install directory.

Bad String Handler

To do:
Where is this detected? The LUC/LUAs and/or plaintext data?

If the game detects a bad string, this text from scripts/common.luc will show in red: Someone passed in a string with invalid characters. Probably because they forgot to save the file as plain text and it contains some specially formatted Word characters. This is bad. We can't render those. I'll let the program continue, but it may result in messed up text. This would probably be a bug for Steve if you get this. I'll let the program keep running though, as this is just cosmetic.

Cheat Detection

To do:
What triggers this? Memory edits, developer cheats or both?

scripts/BattleEngine.luc mentions CHEAT and YOUCHEATED in flagging terms. The game would most likely detect the use of memory editing or some sort of cheat format and force your best and longest word to be CHEAT and YOUCHEATED (the later of which is impossible in normal gameplay).

Developer Notes

Some Luc and XML files contain developer notes.


A documentation on Settings nodes.

A documentation on Entry nodes.

A note saying no codex entry is present and one will be used when possible, unfortunately, none was added at anytime..






This also applies to book3.

Marketing Modes

Bookworm Adventures 2 Mediafire

On builds of the game, partner.xml is present in properties, stating the marketing type, preferably for trials. These are multiple types of them, a .sig and .sig2 (for DRM) file also exist, to verify integrity of the file.

  • None: Nothing, PopCap's 60 min trial, custom OEM DRM or no DRM may be used.
  • 60Normal: 60 min trial (In-game DRM).
  • 60Trailer: 60 min trial (In-game DRM), restricting up to Chapter 8.
  • HydraTrailer: Infinite time (In-game DRM), restricting up to Chapter 8.
  • Hydra: ???

Copy Protection

To do:
Try other modes.

If you remove or rename properties/partner.xml or remove the MarketingMode tag in it from your installation of the game and use the extracted game executable from the wrapper to play (to bypass set trial timers/lockouts), the game boots up fine but after clicking Adventure, the keyboard and main in-game GUI other than the pause button will stop working after about 2 seconds of gameplay, on the first level and battle of the game, spelling PLAY is impossible and you are softlocked when trying. This affects the entirety of the in-game GUI, and even the keyboard too. The pause menu also doesn't have the black background fade.

When set to a 60 minute trial with the animated trailer, loading the game without the trial wrapper or killing it when run will immediately lock out the game after loading saying the trial has expired.

Revision List

  • 1.0 = Initial release!
  • = Bug fixes.

Two revisions were pushed.'s CDN, CD-ROM, and Steam/GameHouse/Zylom all have the latest versions.

Developer text

Present in scripts/StatsBook.luc.

Present in scripts/BattleEngine.luc.

Present in scripts/effects/PurifyEffect.luc.

To do:
Gold? Any traces of it?

Present in scripts/Tutorial.luc.

Present in scripts/common.luc.

Present in scripts/BookManager.luc.

Present in scripts/tile/Tile.luc.

Present in scripts/tile/*Tile.luc, replace '*' with Destroyed, Locked, Fire or Poisoned.

Present in scripts/effects/WordLengthEffect.luc.

Present in scripts/effects/*Effect.luc, replace '*' with WordLength, Heal, VowelToConsonant, HealingWord, Purify, DestroyedTile, LockTile, FireTile or PoisonTile.

A string for a missing boss?

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Present in scripts/PAMAnimator.luc.

Present in scripts/WordBubble.luc.

Present in scripts/main.luc.

Definition file support

Bookworm Adventures Free Online

To do:
Decompress compressed.txt and set it to that?

The game executable mentions the use of an uncompressed dictionary file or a definition file like the first game did. No such file exists in the game.

Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Buy

Lua compilation support

Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Free Full Version

In the scripts directory after unpacking the game, the game can compile Lua files on its own if compiled Lua files are not present.

Removed strings

Across localizations, some strings were cut from the game nor were leftover from development builds of the game. Unlike most PopCap games, string IDs are in the forms of hexadecimal offsets as strings.

String IDEnglishFrenchItalianEspansolGermanPossible explanation
0x00000069B%d Chap %d Stage %d.bwaMention for loading save data?
0x00000069ARENA Stage %d.bwaMention for loading Arena save data?
0x0000006bDebugKeysOnPossible call for enabling debug keys?
0x0000006cCheat key pressed: Forcing game to pretend that the 60 minute trial has expiredTriche activée : Faire semblant que la version d'essai de 60 minutes est expiréeCheat attivato: hai forzato il gioco ad esaurire i 60 minuti di provaObvious text for overriding the free trial timer.

Bookworm Adventures Download

Internal project name

The internal name of the software is WinBAD, where Win is likely Windows and BAD speaks for itself.

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