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Hi All. I have searched the Forum and have found almost similar questions. Still, I will ask it because it has not been answered. The person has asked about the English installation, which must be by default.

LibreOffice includes a word processor, a spreadsheet editor, a presentation editor, a graphic editor, a mathematical formula editor and a database editor. All these tools are alternatives to Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and other components of the Office suite. The LibreOffice Windows installer includes grammar/spelling checkers for both of them. Obviously, you can also use other options such as LanguageTool for grammar and spellcheck dictionaries from the extensions site. Gabix ( 2019-03-04 07:50:23 +0200) edit. This pull request fixes Homebrew/homebrew-cask#29301 by implementing the brew cask upgrade command. This is an initial version; I've added tests that cover a correct upgrade flow, but I would be especially interested if anyone could check that step 7 (if install fails, revert) works correctly. Libreoffice-language-pack 5.4.3 Satisfying. The most reliable way to run Bru'n Water is on a computer running Excel or LibreOffice software. LibreOffice users may encounter a Hash Incompatible warning and a request for password. This is a problem in LibreOffice with the AutoSave function. Go to the LibreOffice Menu and click: Tools - Options - Load/Save - General.

I have installed Finnish LibreOffice on a Finnish Windows. I need a Russian interface. Where can I find it?

I know where it is located in the menu. The problem is that the only language is in the list is Suomi (Finnish). Where can I download other languages from? I have additional languages installed on my system as keyboard layouts for English and Russian, still, the only language offered for user interface in Finnish.

Why do I need a Finnish office? Because of the grammar tool in it.

I would need Russian or English user interface because of the usability issue.It would be also highly beneficial to have also English and Russian grammar correcting tools.

More general question. When installing localized LO on a localized Windows, how to install another language for it?

Or, even more simple, when LO is installed in language A, how to add a user interface in language B?

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I have tried to download LO in another language, say English or Russian, just in case, seeing if it helps, well, it downloads still the very same installation package. It means the languages are there somewhere inside, just need to get them somehow into the software. LO is the first software I encounter such an issue. Other open source software I use allow to change languages after the installation without issues.

And, yes, I have read the documentation. I will cite it from

If you downloaded LibreOffice packages from the main LibreOffice Web site, follow the steps below.

1.Open your Web browser and enter and download the correct language pack for your version of LibreOffice software.3.Close LibreOffice software (also close the Quickstarter, if you enabled it).4.Install the language pack.

Number 2. where are the language packs?

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Well, another page says that I have to reinstall the software and select the language upon installation. Well, I can do it on my computer. But if the computer is in the public place/library?

It would be also highly beneficial to have also English and Russian grammar correcting tools.

The LibreOffice Windows installer includes grammar/spelling checkers for both of them. Obviously, you can also use other options such as LanguageTool for grammar and spellcheck dictionaries from the extensions site.

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