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tldr; install brew; brew install python

☑️ m1homebrew recursive. I automated this process in the same script M1homebrew recursive imagemagick first looks for all the dependent packages (via brew info), installs those first one by one and then, at the end, installs the main package. It can take a long time but it’s magic when it works. Everything works flawlessly after a brew install npm. Do yourself a favor and install a Chromium-based browser to check out Lighthouse. It’s been a while since I programmed in Go, but Dids created a gist entitled “Compile Go for Apple Silicon (M1)', where he explains how to compile Go natively. I have yet to try it out. Fix Brew (Homebrew) on M1 Macs # brew # homebrew # m1 # mac Sascha Eggenberger Dec 18, 2020 Originally published at saschaeggi.Medium ・ Updated on Dec 27, 2020 ・1 min read. Thanks for this. Got my dev environment back up well, the equivalent of it. I've been running stuff using vagrant and virtualbox. But virtualbox is not working. So I was able to recreate it using homebrew. Picked up the Mac mini M1 and it's been running great. Runs cool and fans have yet to spin. Can't say the same for my 2016 MBP i7. It works but hot and audible. – w1n78 Nov 18 '20 at 15:15.

Homebrew is a great installer for Mac and its main job is to make it easier to install packages.

Step 1: Download Homebrew here

'brew' hosts its package information here as “formulae“.

Step 2: Use brew to install the latest version of Python

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$ brew install python --verbose

Now you can run python3 in your terminal

> python3

Brew M1

More details: So what happens when I run brew install?

When you run the command, brew will look for the package in the “formulae” list and run the installation script for the package.

Brew M18

Brew installs *all* packages into its own directory on your computer at /usr/local/Cellar .

Take a look with $ ls /usr/local/Cellar.

After installation, brew creates a symlink which is basically a shortcut that will allow your system to run the new command > python3.