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British Standard BS 6399-1:1996 BS 6399-1:1996 SKU: $0.00. Unavailable per item Loading for Buildings: Part 1: Code of practice for Dead and Imposed Loads. This Part of BS 6399 provides dead and minimum recommended imposed loads for use in designing buildings. View BS 06399-1-1996 (2002).pdf from ICS 91 at University of Nairobi. BRITISH STANDARD BS 6399-1: 1996 Incorporating Amendment No. 1 Loading for buildings Licensed copy:Allies and Morrison.

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  1. BRITISH STANDARD BS 6399-1: 1996 Incorporating Amendment No. 1 Loading for buildings Part 1: Code of practice for dead and imposed loads ICS 91.040. Part 3 of BS 8110 consists of design charts. Spreadsheets for concrete design to BS.
  2. Bs 5395-1(2000): 2000: stairs, ladders and walkways - part 1: code of practice for the design, construction and maintenance of straight stairs and winders: bs 5268-2(2002): 2002: structural use of timber - part 2: code of practice for permissible stress design, materials and workmanship: bs 6399-1(1996.

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Designed..and..detailed..(BS..8110:..1997)..OFC..contains..32..pages....1988..23..pp..BS..6399..:..Part..3:..1988..BRITISH..STANDARDS..INSTlThTIO'J..Specification../or..scheduling,... BRITISH..STANDARD..BS..6399-1:..1996..Incorporating..Amendment..No...1..Loading..for..buildings....Part..1:..Code..of..practice..for..dead..and..imposed..loads..ICS..91.040.,,..or..through..a..number..of... Download..>>..Download..Bs..6399..pdf..Read..Online..>>..Read..Online..Bs..6399..pdf. BS..6399-3..:..Loading..for..Buildings..Part..3:....BS..6399-3..1988..Edition,....W/D..S/S..BY..BS..EN..1991-1-3..*..INCLUDES..AMENDMENT..3..Format... Eurocode..1:..Actions..on..structures..Part..1-4:..General..actions..Wind..actions... Appendix..7:..Reference..Standards....BS..6399:..Design..Loading..for..Buildings..Part..3:... Sign..Up..Alternatively,, Code..&..Commentary..IS..875..(Part..3)..CODE..COMMENTARY..Foreword..0.1..This..Indian..Standard..IS:875..(Part..3)..(Third..Revision),,..the..surface..of... Buy.BS.6399-3:1988.Loading.For.Buildings.-.Part.3:.Code.Of.Practice.For.Imposed.Roof.Loads.from.SAI.Global. BS6399-3:1988:.Title.of.Standard:.. Appendix.7:.Reference.Standards...BS.6399:.Design.Loading.for.Buildings.Part.3:.. BS..6399-3:1988:..Title..Identifier:..Loading..for..buildings.... BS..6399..:..Part..3..:..1988..Imposed..&, Bs..5268..Part..2..Download.....BS..6399:..Part..2:..1988, BS6399..PT1..-..LOADINGS..FOR..BUILDINGS..1.....2..References..2.1..Normative..references..This..Part..of..BS..6399..incorporates,.....BS..6399-3:1988,...,.(Reinforced.concrete.council)., DOC.PPT.TXT.PDF.XLS...BSI.11-1998.i.BS.6399-3:1988.Foreword.This.Part.of.this.British...BSI.11-1998.BS.6399-3:1988.A.British.Standard.does.not.purport.. BS..6399-3:1988:..Title..Identifier:..Loading..for..buildings... 8b9facfde6

Recommendations for dead and imposed loads for use in designing buildings.


This Part of BS 6399 provides dead and minimum recommended imposed loads for use in designing buildings. It applies to:

a) new buildings and new structures;

b) alterations and additions to existing buildings and existing structures;

c) existing construction on change of use.

The principal change in this edition of the standard is the presentation of the imposed floor loads according to the type of activity/occupancy, rather than occupancy class. The weights of movable partitions which were redefined as imposed loads, to retain their classification. The reductions in floor load with number of storeys and with area have also been clarified.

This standard also provides recommendations for vertical loading on parapets, barriers and balustrades.

This British Standard does not apply to the maintenance of, or the replacement of parts of, existing buildings and structures where there is no change of use.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 6399-1:1984, which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross references:

BS 648:1964, BS 2573, BS 2573-1:1983, BS 2655, BS 2655-4:1969, BS 5400,

BS 5400-2:1978, BS 5555:1993, BS 6399, BS 6399-2:1995, BS 6399-3:1988,

BRE Digest 426.