In algebraic topology, a k-chainis a formal linear combination of the k-cells in a cell complex. In simplicial complexes (respectively, cubical complexes), k-chains are combinations of k-simplices (respectively, k-cubes).[1][2][3] Chains are used in homology; the elements of a homology group are equivalence classes of chains.

Integration on chains[edit]

Integration is defined on chains by taking the linear combination of integrals over the simplices in the chain with coefficients (which are typically integers).The set of all k-chains forms a group and the sequence of these groups is called a chain complex.

Boundary operator on chains[edit]

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The boundary of a polygonal curve is a linear combination of its nodes; in this case, some linear combination of A1 through A6. Assuming the segments all are oriented left-to-right (in increasing order from Ak to Ak+1), the boundary is A6 − A1.

A chain is a serial assembly of connected pieces, called links, typically made of metal, with an overall character similar to that of a rope in that it is flexible and curved in compression but linear, rigid, and load-bearing in tension. A group of atoms, often of the same element, bound together in a line, branched line, or ring to form a molecule.♦ In a straight chain, each of the constituent atoms is attached to other single atoms, not to groups of atoms.♦ In a branched chain, side groups are attached to the chain.♦ In a closed chain, the atoms are arranged in the shape of a ring.

A closed polygonal curve, assuming consistent orientation, has null boundary.

The boundary of a chain is the linear combination of boundaries of the simplices in the chain. The boundary of a k-chain is a (k−1)-chain. Note that the boundary of a simplex is not a simplex, but a chain with coefficients 1 or −1 – thus chains are the closure of simplices under the boundary operator.

Example 1: The boundary of a path is the formal difference of its endpoints: it is a telescoping sum. To illustrate, if the 1-chain c=t1+t2+t3{displaystyle c=t_{1}+t_{2}+t_{3},} is a path from point v1{displaystyle v_{1},} to point v4{displaystyle v_{4},}, where t1=[v1,v2]{displaystyle t_{1}=[v_{1},v_{2}],},t2=[v2,v3]{displaystyle t_{2}=[v_{2},v_{3}],} andt3=[v3,v4]{displaystyle t_{3}=[v_{3},v_{4}],} are its constituent 1-simplices, then

1c=1(t1+t2+t3)=1(t1)+1(t2)+1(t3)=1([v1,v2])+1([v2,v3])+1([v3,v4])=([v2][v1])+([v3][v2])+([v4][v3])=[v4][v1].{displaystyle {begin{aligned}partial _{1}c&=partial _{1}(t_{1}+t_{2}+t_{3})&=partial _{1}(t_{1})+partial _{1}(t_{2})+partial _{1}(t_{3})&=partial _{1}([v_{1},v_{2}])+partial _{1}([v_{2},v_{3}])+partial _{1}([v_{3},v_{4}])&=([v_{2}]-[v_{1}])+([v_{3}]-[v_{2}])+([v_{4}]-[v_{3}])&=[v_{4}]-[v_{1}].end{aligned}}}

Example 2: The boundary of the triangle is a formal sum of its edges with signs arranged to make the traversal of the boundary counterclockwise.

A chain is called a cycle when its boundary is zero. A chain that is the boundary of another chain is called a boundary. Boundaries are cycles,so chains form a chain complex, whose homology groups (cycles modulo boundaries) are called simplicial homology groups.

Example 3: A 0-cycle is a linear combination of points such that the sum of all the coefficients is 0. Public beta mac os. Thus, the 0-homology group measures the number of path connected components of the space.

Example 4: The plane punctured at the origin has nontrivial 1-homology group since the unit circle is a cycle, but not a boundary.

In differential geometry, the duality between the boundary operator on chains and the exterior derivative is expressed by the general Stokes' theorem.


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