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  2. Thermo King Hmi Controller
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Hmi Control Panel

Phoenix contact hmi software

Thermo King Hmi Controller

  • Indicators
    • Temperature Indicators
    • Humidity Indicator
    • Humidity & Temp Large Indicator
    • Temperature Scanner
  • General Controllers
    • Controller with 8A/20A Relay
    • Controller with Alarm output
    • Controller with Analog Output
    • Controller with PC Communication
    • Controller for Two Compressors
    • Blood Bank Controller
    • Controller with Digital Input / Buzzer / Annunciator
  • Controllers for Refrigeration
    • Bulk milk cooler
    • Fruit Ripening
    • Chest Freezers
    • Pizza Counters
    • Small Cold Rooms/Freezers
    • OFF Cycle Defrost Freezer Controller
    • Ice-cream and pastry counters
    • Refrigerated Tables
  • Controllers for Air-conditioning / Chillers
    • Chillers
      • Megachill
      • Two Compressor / Differential Controller
      • Antifreeze Controller
    • Process chillers
      • Nanochill
      • Picochill
      • Microchill
      • Megachill Pro
    • High Capacity Chiller
    • Heat Pump
    • Panel A/C
    • Packaged A/C
  • Controllers for Cold Rooms
    • One Compressor
    • Two Compressor
    • Flame Proof
    • Wall Mount
  • Controllers for Humidity
    • Humidity & Temperature Controller
    • RH Controller with Communication
    • Humidifier
  • Controllers for Telecom
  • Process Controllers
    • CO2 Controller
    • Ethylene Controller
    • RH Controller
    • PT100 Input Controllers
  • Protection and Alarm Devices
    • Protection Devices
    • Plant Monitoring & Alarm Devices
  • IOT Solutions
  • Probes and Sensors

Phoenix Contact Hmi

Controllers are the 'brains' of an intelligent home automation system. They allow you to integrate and control security, heating and air, lighting, entertainment and other home systems with simple convenience. Home Controls provides system hubs and smart home controllers from the biggest names in Home Automation and Security. Water Monitor Controller. MC-1120; MC-2020; MC-2120; 4-20mA Module. 4-20mA to contact; 2 Ch. Wayne prime video. 4-20mA to contact; gas detection panel. Wireless Gas Detection. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) can be used as a sophisticated HMI but has power and features well beyond what an HMI can offer. These features can include facility-wide control functions, data collection, video, reporting, diagnostics, key performance indicators (KPI), and even predictive maintenance functions.