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Thursday, April 1, 2004

Before I got hooked on Conceptis puzzles, I also enjoyed cross-stitching, but since I’ve become addicted to the puzzles I haven’t had much time left for any needlework.

Although I’d thought about how both hobbies work with grids it wasn't till recently, that I was flicking through some completed color PAP and LAP puzzles that I suddenly thought of the idea of combining the two hobbies: The completed color puzzles made great cross-stitching charts, so I picked a fairly small LAP puzzle – Swan, 2100503 (in issue 1 of Color Tsunami) - and had a go.

Counted cross stitch patterns to print online, thousands of designs to choose from. Plus, use our caption/border maker tool to chart your own words. Disney best themes counted Cross Stitch disney puzzle pattern needlepoint, needlecraft - 35.43' x 23.36' - L2272.

It looked great, so whenever I’ve found the time I’ve also found a new lease of life for my completed puzzle collection. With that, I have finished so many puzzles and they all look so great it is difficult to choose which is best to use. I took pictures of both puzzle and cross-stitched versions with my digital camera of three puzzles: Swan, London Bridge and Duck. Click the thumbnails to see pictures of the puzzles as solved in the magazines.

I am 28 years old and have lived in England – near the south coast – for all my life, although I would love to live in Australia. I work in shops in a busy airport, but when I’m not at work, I am usually found solving the latest Conceptis Puzzles.

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