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I love this app. I have been able to get our field team to use for as-build's and engineering questions on drawings without having to leave job sites. I woukd have paid much more for the great value and money it saves us.

I use this app everyday for reviewing documents, reading code documents and replying to submittals and RFIs. I would recommend this for anyone in the architectural or engineering industry.

I bought Surface Pro 4 in 2016 and Drawboard PDF was preinstalled on the device. My Surface Pro 4 got broken and was replaced by my insurance. However, Drawboard PDF is no longer pre-installed in the new Surface Pro 4 I got on 3 October 2017. Why is it not pre-installed in the new Surface Pro 4? Moved from: Windows / Windows 10 / Store / PC. Is Drawboard PDF worth purchasing? PRO6 I have Adobe Acrobat XI but it doesn't seem to be optimized for my surface pro 6, which I use primarily for higher education work, things like taking notes (on onenote primarily), Microsoft office work, reading books, editing pdfs etc. Learn how to use Grids and Lines, a Drawboard PDF PRO feature, to apply temporary and permanant line templates to your documents.PRO is available as an in-ap. The top paid Windows PDF app to read, annotate and mark up your PDFs. Ideal for replacing pen and paper - avoid having to print documents ever again, making annotating PDFs a breeze. Open existing PDFs, create a new PDF, annotate using an extensive array of tools, and save back as a compatible PDF. Drawboard PDF sets itself apart with a uniquely intuitive user interface/experience, smooth and natural pen inking, stylus and touch input separation, and an impressive array of annotation tools. Drawboard PDF PRO - Document Builder: Merge, re-order and arrange PDF documents.

Most of my time is spent managing projects remotely. This app allows my staff to send me their ideas, pictures of installation issues, and even documentation. I can mark it up and return within minutes.

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Drawboard PDF PRO hyperlinks allow you to now treat your PDFs as a living documents. Faster navigating, more annotating.

Hyperlinks can be placed on pictures, text, shapes or whitespace and can direct to weblinks, pages or even exact areas within pages. You can even style hyperlinks to match your document with the option to change the selection border type, color and thickness. This new feature also gives you the option to configure what your click action does, for example, you can direct to the link destination, or induce an edit menu in context.

Start now by clicking the ‘insert’ tab of the slide-out panel on the right hand side of the document view. For quick and regular use, you can also add this feature to your favorites bar.

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Table of contents

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Create a table of contents at the start of your document and add hyperlinks to each section to save you scrolling.

Add a notes page

Add a blank page to your document, write your notes and link your notes to specific pages or quotes.

Drawboard Pdf Pro

Link frequently accessed documents

Do you have a reference PDF or weblink that you frequently access whilst annotating? Drop a hyperlink onto your PDF and get there with just a click.

Hyperlinks are a Drawboard PDF PRO feature. To try PRO free for 7 days, navigate to the PRO area in settings. Don’t have Drawboard PDF yet? Substance painter 2019. Download from the Microsoft Store.

Other recent updates you might have missed:

  • Improvements to speed up the document start-up process.
  • Add a fill colour to callouts.
  • Order your document tabs.
  • Additional functionality when using the CTRL+F shortcut to search text. The previous search query is now highlighted and the textbox is in focus.

Drawboard PDF PRO

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Drawboard PDF PRO combines all the popular essentials of Drawboard PDF with advanced professional tools to get your job done fast.