Fighter Plane Games Free Download

Fighter plane games free download

Free Airplane Games - Most Popular Games. Enjoy our Collection of over 300 Games for Aircraft Enthusiasts. Fly with Fighter, commercial Boing, Helicopter, Space Shuttle, Airforce plane. Taking off, Landing and more. Most Popular Games. Just wear the flying kit and enjoy this beautiful game for FREE. Fly in Sky to enjoy dock fight. Air jet fighter is one of best in the world. Take a jet flight and shoot down enemy jets and defend.

The Allies are down to their very last fighter plane in the midst of a key World War II air battle… and you just happen to be the last pilot standing… Dogfight is a straight-forward and intense airplane shooting and survival game where you control a nimble Allied fighter plane that must fend off wave after wave of enemy aircraft in a suspense-filled battle royale! You play the role of a courageous pilot who must make a stand to defend the nation against all the odds. Dodge and weave your agile plane through the air, avoid incoming fire, and send those enemy aircraft down in flames!

This flash dogfighting game puts great emphasis on quick reactions, good keyboard tapping speed, and an ability to predict the next movement of your opponents. Accurate missile shooting is an essential skill required in your piloting arsenal here – If you don’t get rid of the first plane or two with aplomb, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the enemy in the skies. You must remain composed, and know when to attack, and when to take cover if possible! Will your aircraft make it home in one piece?

How to Play: Survive as many enemy ‘Waves’ of aircraft as possible – scoring points for the amount of planes and tanks below that you destroy. Each Wave consists of an increasing number of green enemy aircraft, and you must simply eliminate them before they get you! Control your yellow aircraft’s movements using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Your plane flies forward automatically, and you simply have to control its direction. Press Spacebar to fire your on-board machine gun (This is your standard weapon for gunning down enemy aircraft). In order to take out the tanks below, press the CRTL key to drop bombs. Luckily for you, these tanks cannot cause damage to your own aircraft as you fly out of range.

Keep an eye on your Health Bar in the bottom left corner of the game screen. This is reduced each time you take fire from an enemy plane. Your Health Bar is replenished at the beginning of each level / Wave. During each level, you can pick up special Health Bonuses in the form of hovering Red Crosses. Simply come into contact with these to get a Health boost. Unfortunately, there are no extra lives or second chances here – once your plane is shot down, it’s game over. Itunes mac osx. See how many waves you can complete, and then come back and try to beat that score! Good luck up there Pilot!

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Fighter Plane Games Free Download For Pc

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Fighter Plane Games Free Download