First Person Parkour Games


Parkour meets tagging in this running, jumping, police avoiding adventure. Navigate your way through the rooftops and streets in Parkour the game. The more jumps you get in, sprays you get and the longer you go, the more your score will build, so pretty much just don't get caught and you are good to go. First-person open-world parkour based platform adventure set in the medieval ruins of a post-apocalyptic planet Earth.

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Platforming games have been around since forever and enamored players of all ages, whether it’s focusing on precision jumping or entertaining exploration. Parkour titles are a sub-genre in that respect, encompassing both aspects while presenting a unique experience. What are some of the more noteworthy parkour games? Let’s take a look at some of them here.

Dying Light

First Person Parkour Games To Play For Free

Dying Light’s gameplay is interesting because it mixes so many different elements – zombie-like Infected, first person parkour, crafting and loot grinding – into one game. Somehow, it works, as seen when free running and vaulting desperately to escape the more dangerous Volatiles. Even when exploring during the day, it’s fun to simply dodge and weave through Infected when you’re not drop-kicking them off rooftops.