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GCompris is a high quality educational software suite, including a large number of activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational. Currently GCompris offers 152 activities, and more are being developed. See below for some examples. You can install GCompris from the Windows Store. Note: the Windows Store requires Windows 10. Else, you can download the installer from the links below. System requirements: Windows 7, 8 or 10 with OpenGL 2 support. GCompris 1.0-Windows 64bit; GCompris 1.0-Windows 32bit.

To celebrate the 20 years of GCompris, we are pleased to announce the release of GCompris version 1.0.

This new version contains a new major feature: the addition of the Activity Settings menu with Dataset selection for more than 50 activities, allowing to choose more specifically what can be learned on the activities.

Wpforms. We also added 4 new activities:

  • The long awaited Analog Electricity activity which allows us to draw circuits and run their simulation.
  • Gcompris For Windows 10 Pro

  • Learn digits and two subactivities to learn additions and subtractions. The aim is to teach these concepts to younger children, with easy computations.
  • Baby keyboard where, when a character is typed on the keyboard, we display it on the screen and play the corresponding voice if it exists.
  • Gravity, which replaces the old Intro Gravity, explains better the concept and is more realistic.

  • You can find packages of this new version for GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS and Raspberry Pi on the download page. This update will also be available soon in the Android Play store, the F-Droid repository and the Windows store. Note that the MacOS package is not notarized.

    You can check on this page the voices status in your language: https://gcompris.net/voicestats/. You can help us by providing a nice recording of your voice for all the missing entries in your native language.

    On the translation side, we have 22 languages fully supported: Basque, Breton, British English, Catalan, Catalan (Valencian), Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malayalam, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

    We also have 4 languages partially supported: Belarusian (85%), Brazilian Portuguese (92%), German (89%), Lithuanian (84%).

    As said in the previous news, we decided to only ship translations that are at least 80% completed to let the children have a better experience and not half translated software. Unfortunately, we had to drop the translation for: Estonian, Finnish, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Galician, Hindi, Macedonian, Norwegian Nynorsk, Russian, Slovak and Chinese Simplified.


    If your language is in the partially supported list, or is no more or not yet supported at all, and you want to help, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will give you instructions to get started translating.

    Gcompris Educational

    Another way to help is to write some posts in your community about GCompris, and don't hesitate to give us some feedback.

    Gcompris Online

    Thank you all,
    Timothée & Johnny

    Gcompris 2015

    GCompris is a set of educational games of various kinds with which the children can learn how to do different tasks.
    The application includes all kinds of tests: intelligence, ability, reflexes, strategy, maths, science..
    Some are very interesting if you want to initiate a kid into how to use a computer: a photograph made with paintings which will appear as you go over it with a mouse, some fish that disappear if you click on their bodies, etc.
    But there are also more complicated games, like a submarine that you will have to submerge before it bumps into a ship: in a few second you will have to direct the rudder, fill or empty the water tanks to optimize the burden and much more.
    Some of the tasks may seem complicated even for adults, like one that allows you to create jigsaws with difficult solutions.