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In order to offer you a better service and user experience, most websites use cookies. Cookies are helpful techniques that collect and use information, optimising user experience. They enable you to stay logged in on a website and make sure your preferences, such as language and location settings, are being saved.


Cookies also make sure your shopping basket stays updated during online shopping. They allow website owners to see how often and which pages of their websites are being visited by users. Some cookies make it possible to track your online behaviour. This allows advertisers to find out more about your preferences so that they can show you relevant ads. These are usually necessary to pay for the costs of maintaining the website. Cookies make sure these websites provide you with the best user experience.

Cookies are stored on your computer and you can remove them whenever you want. It only takes a few simple steps to do so. Click on one of the links below to see the user manual of your browser. Please do remember that some websites require you to reset your preferences or login again after you’ve removed their cookies.


Important to know: Using cookies is safe. Email and telemarketing activities do not occur because of cookies. Cookies do not save your email address or phone number and it is impossible for advertisers to use cookies to construct a profile linked to a specific person. Growly write.


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