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We have simple integration for Graylog, you will be able to view any logs from within LibreNMS that have been parsed by the syslog input from within Graylog itself. This includes logs from devices which aren't in LibreNMS still, you can also see logs for a specific device under the logs section for the device. @ -78,7 +78,7 @@ Next start syslog-ng: service syslog-ng restart ``` Add the following to your LibreNMS config.php file to enable the Syslog extension. Cute drawings to draw.

All the list_*logs calls are aliased to list_logs.

Librenms syslog-ng not working

Retrieve all logs or logs for a specific device.

  • id or hostname is the specific device


Librenms Syslog

  • start: The page number to request.
  • limit: The limit of results to be returned.
  • from: The date and time or the event id to search from.
  • to: The data and time or the event id to search to.

Librenms Syslog Purge


Route: /api/v0/logs/eventlog/:hostname


Route: /api/v0/logs/syslog/:hostname


Route: /api/v0/logs/alertlog/:hostname


Route: /api/v0/logs/authlog/:hostname

Librenms Syslog Filter


Librenms Syslog-ng Not Working