Marco Polo For Android

**This blog post was updated on July 13, 2021.**

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Marco Polo For Android

Marco Polo is a video-based messaging system that was created by its founders in 2014 after the birth of their daughter to help keep their family close. Syncing up schedules and live video chatting wasn’t always easy for siblings, cousins, and grandparents scattered across multiple time zones. To fix this, they created an app that allows you to send and receive video voicemails that you can check on your own time and respond to at your leisure.

Released in 2014 by Joya Communications, Marco Polo has been dubbed a “video walkie-talkie.”. The app allows you to send short video messages to your friends and family and respond to them. Marco polo for PC is an application that allows you to make video conversations with your friends and family member from anywhere around the world. This application is a kind of video walkie talkie. Marco polo for PC is the right solution, if you want to meet a group of friends, all at once in a video chat. Marcopolo Viaggi (Kindle Tablet Edition) Jan 28, 2014. 3.6 out of 5 stars. Available instantly on compatible devices.

Download Marco Polo for Android. Download Marco Polo for iOS. Difficulty level: Easy; Call quality: Good; Lastly, there’s Google Hangouts. It may not be as popular a chat app as before. Download Marco Polo apk 0.337.0 for Android. Marco Polo is a new way to stay in touch with the people who matter most to you.

Marco Polo For Android Free Download

While some folks may compare it to Snapchat, Marco Polo is actually the anti-Snapchat in many ways, which is great for families. The videos you record don’t self-destruct, they don’t have a super-short time limit, and perhaps most importantly, you don’t get suggestions to add random users to your list of contacts. In this post, we’ll explain more about what you need to know and help you decide whether Marco Polo is safe for your family.

What is the Marco Polo App?

The makers of Marco Polo call the app a “video walkie-talkie.” Messages are sent immediately and are available for the recipient to view and respond to instantly. You don’t actually talk in real-time, though. Instead, you take turns leaving videos for each other. This takes much of the stress and awkwardness out of traditional video chatting that takes place live, like FaceTime. Many families even swear by it to help them keep in touch while balancing different schedules.

The app has many fun features, including filters that can change the sound of your voice. You can also draw and write on videos to personalize them. Video conversations are stored in your conversations, and users in a group can rewatch videos sent in the past. Unlike a lot of other video apps, there is no text chat or direct message (DM) option, which is another great selling point for families worried about safety. For super users, there’s also Marco Polo Plus, a premium subscription service with expanded features.

Is Marco Polo Safe?

Marco Polo allows users to communicate with friends by inputting their phone numbers, so in this sense, it’s just as safe as texting. That’s a good thing — especially when compared to many other social media platforms, which often introduce unwanted strangers and random content. What your child sends and receives on Marco Polo will depend on who they’re chatting with, but if you know that they’re just talking to their grandma or a best friend, you’ll be less apt to worry.

We spoke with the makers of Marco Polo and they take the app’s community standards very seriously. The terms of service even require users to agree to not upload inappropriate content. This includes content that is:

  • Unlawful
  • Obscene
  • Defamatory
  • Libelous
  • Threatening
  • Pornographic
  • Harassing
  • Hateful
  • Racially or ethnically offensive

What Can You Do to Help Protect Your Child?

Always review your child’s activity and app usage. You may want to download and use the app to familiarize yourself with how it works. You can also review the older videos that your child has sent and received to make sure there’s nothing you need to worry about. Keep in mind that it’s always possible to delete videos, so you may not be seeing the whole story.

Now, at the end of the day — is Marco Polo safe for kids? If you keep an eye on your child and stay in the loop about who they’re communicating with, it’s a very safe platform. Also, teaching them what’s appropriate to share will go a long way in preventing worrisome behavior, especially when it comes to sending videos of themselves or others.

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Marco Polo For Android

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