Mechwarrior Rpg 3rd Edition Pdf

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Mechwarrior Rpg 3rd Edition Pdf
Heya all,
So, couple of friends and I were talking last weekend about how they'd like to do a 'heavy mainteinance game', in which they had a unit, its personnel and all, and they wanted to track logistics, assignments, payments, loot, repairs, etc. So I said 'well, that's basically Battletech/Mechwarrior with a mercenary unit game'. And now they want to play that ^_^.
Back in the day, before I discovered Heavy Gear (that's.. hm. About 10-15 years ago? whoah), I played the holy heck out of Btech/Mechwarrior. We played the tabletop game lots (and lots, and lots), and did several campaigns with the old RPG rules, 1st and 2nd edition. I got 3rd edition MW at release, and I loved it at the time, too (I'm a sucker for lifepaths).
Fast forward to.. well, now. Back when the new A Time of War RPG got into beta release I bought it for nostalgia's sake, but never really got around to actually read it. And I've tried to, now, emphases on 'tried'.
The game looks like a massive pain in the ass, so far. 5000 points to distribute to build your character? To divide into setting packages? ..yeah, that looks like it will easy and fast for a first session >_> (my players have swore they'll never again do an Eclipse Phase character with point-buy, for reference). The actual combat rules look very involved, too, but I haven't really gotten into it, TBH. As I said, I loved 3rd edition back in the day (hell, I even translated the core rules for my players!), but seeing as AtoW is supposed to be a refinement of that one, I'm not sure that would be the case anymore. And I remember having a lot of fun with 1st/2nd edition.
Hence my question: What we want to do is a classic 'mercenary company' campaign, with the players being mostly mechwarrior fighting for the highest bidder during the Succession Wars (the idea would be to start on 3020 or whereabouts). My players want the whole logistics shebang, and I've found that MekHQ can do a lot of it. That coupled with the mercenary contracts from FM: Mercs will suffice, I think.
The problem would be the rest. I had fun playing MW 1st and 2nd edition, and the newest ones look a bit too involved, for the kind of game I'm looking for.
So there: which edition of MW do you like best, and why? Would you rather use another system altogether? Which one?
Mechwarrior rpg 3rd edition pdf

Mechwarrior Rpg 3rd Edition Pdf Download

See also edit References edit Mechwarrior Rpg 3rd Edition Pdf ^ MEYER Richard K., HUNT Walter H., JAMIESON Evan, STEIN Kevin, BABCOCK III L. Ross, WEISMAN Jordan K., LARKIN Patrick, KEITH JR William H., BOYLE David and FRAZEE D. Brad, MechWarrior: The BattleTech Role Playing Game, FASA Corporation, first edition: 1986, 144 p. Soft cover, ISBN0-931787-58-0. Details on MechWarrior III are still scarce as the game's almost a year away from completion, but it sounds like MicroProse is sticking with the tried-and-true MechWarrior style. Players will be able to design and arm their own mechs, then head out into campaign-based combat in worlds littered with swamps, rivers, canyons, and other 3D terrain. Battletech 1641 Mechwarrior 2nd Edition Rpg Pdf. Download & View BattleTech 1641 MechWarrior 2nd Edition RPG PDF as PDF for free.