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Have you heard of Mickey Mouse? You know, the cheerful and lovable mouse. Well, he appeared in many shows like the Mickey Mouse shorts, House of Mouse, The Mickey Mouse Club, etc. Well, let's instead talk about a television show called the 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.' It's an educational show that went from 2006 to 2016. But the show was meant to end at Season 2 for reasons I will tell you.

Once upon a time, I went to a local Flea Market to find some music albums. I met this nice but hermit guy that was selling all kinds of media. He said, 'hello there, fellow sir, may I interest you?' and I pointed to a disc and the man's expression changed into a look of horror. He said, 'That disc is pure evil! Do anything you want to do with it except for viewing it. I watched it and now there's a monster out to get me! Destroy it if you can!' So, confused by his inconsistency, I gave him $5, and he said thanks. As I was walking home, I had thoughts of what he said. So now I am at home.

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American animated television show produced by Disney Television Animation and DQ Entertainment. 1 Broadcast 2 Cast 3 Songs 4 International versions 5 Title translations 6 References The series premiered in the United States on 2006-05-05, on Disney Channel as part of their Playhouse Disney block, now known as Disney Junior. Theme song Mickey's Mousekedoer Hot Dog Dance.
  • Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Specials. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episode Guide Disney Junior Wiki Fandom. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episode Guide.
  • Mickey and Minnie's Jungle Safari. Mickey and the Enchanted Egg. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland. Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland (DVD) Mickey's Art Show. Mickey's Big Band Concert.

This is a full list of episodes from the Disney Junior and Teletoon Original TV series, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.Season 1 has the Mousekedoer song's original lyrics. Seasons 2-4 have the new Mouskedoer lyrics heard in Disney-MGM Studios before it became Disney's Hollywood Studios and the one in Playhouse Disney Live on T. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Season 4 This is the fourth and final season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And the first time, Bret Iwan took over the voice of Mickey as Wayne Allwine died in 2009. The first episode aired in November 5, 2012, while the rest of the episodes aired in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and the series' final episode aired on November 6, 2016. Mickey And Donald Have A Farm 2.

As I popped the disc into the DVD player, it didn't have the menu selection, but it just skipped to the episode. No music, and no title card. It started when Donald walked into the clubhouse. Mickey Mouse then said to Donald, 'Oh hello, Donald!' and Donald spoke in his usual voice 'So, what are we doing today?' Mickey then shouted, 'You're going to the underworld!' Mickey stabbed Donald in the gut with a hyper realistic looking knife and he died instantly. Then the Professor walked in and said, 'Mr. Mouse, how could you have kill Donald?' Mickey then spoke , 'You're going to where Donald's going, to HELL!' The Professor's death scene was replaced with the opening but instead of the happy theme song, it was his screaming. Then it cut to a scene where Ludwig, Donald, Daisy, Minnie, Chip & Dale, Clarabelle, Pluto and Goofy were sitting down of course with different accidents. Then Mickey's eyes turned black with red pupils, similar to Sonic.exe, but he spoke in a demonically deep tone, 'Everyone is dead, only one remains!'

Then it skipped to a scene where Pete was laying on a hammock as he saw Mickey and went, 'Oh hey there Mick ..... Aaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhh,' as he was being sliced into small pieces by a chainsaw. The video was almost over til' a demonic Mickey said, 'I'm coming for YOU!!!' I screamed as loud as I ever could. But then he showed something, 'No, NO!!! It can't be, It was the guy I met at the store earlier but he looked dead, in fact he was dead, I bet that Mickey did this to him, this mouse was EVIL!!'

With a few seconds to spare, the DVD player and TV blew up into pieces, and though both were badly damaged, the CD still survived but with many scratches and burns. I may never look at Mickey Mouse or anything Disney related the same ever again, since I am always reminded of that terrible experience with the video. I knew that viewing this had unleashed a demonic creature out to get me. As I am writing this, I woke up the next day inside Mickey's demented Clubhouse, and I knew the last thing I would see before I die is ..... Mickey Mouse.

Here's one of the super scarry scenes of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

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