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Download Access database (accdb) example with form that shows the active record highlighted in yellow. Download (112K unzips to 830 kb ACCDB Access database) Be sure to enable macros, and save the accdb file from the zip as its own file. Kik download for mac. You can't make any changes inside a zip file. One especially useful formatting tool in Access is the ability to apply Conditional Formatting to highlight specific data. Let us take a simple example of conditional formatting. In this example, we will be using a form fSubCurrentProjects in our database. Conditional formatting is useful in an Access form to easily identify data values based on color or other cell formatting. Here, I apply the conditional formatting on a datasheet form in an Access database and apply the validation on rows to show the display based on the meeting of certain criteria. separator styletype='none' topmargin='4' bottommargin='4' sepcolor='.

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Microsoft Access Conditional Formatting Examples Worksheet

It sounds like the subform isn't refreshing after an update in the main form.
Is this the behavior that you're trying to achieve? It's not clear how
you've implemented this; you should be able to requery the subform without
affecting your main form (Me.SubForm.Requery). Also, have you tried to
requery the control directly? For example, using an AfterUpdate event from
the main form, do something like:
mi******** wrote:
I have conditional formatting set up on a subform based on a calculated
value in the underlying query. For instance, if Sales are >$1000, the
query displays 'Yes,' otherwise it displays 'No.' The conditional
formatting is set up to read the 'Yes' or 'No' value and color the text
I have an event in the subform that allows users to update the sales.
It actually runs an update query behind the scenes. What I want to
happen is for the formatting to pick up the value immediately and
change color. I can requery the subform, but that loses my place in the
form. And refresh doesn't seem to trigger the conditional formatting to
check for the values.
Is there any way to refresh conditional formatting on the fly?
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