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Fallujah was one of the most gruesome battles of the Iraq War, and nobody could describe the horrifying reality ­better than Richard Jadick in On Call In Hell.
This brilliant book follows Commander Jadick and his team of Marine doctors deep into the Battle of Fallujah, where he and his men experienced the worst of this horrific war. Plunging themselves into battle, Jadick and his team ­followed the Marines into the heart of battle.
No one can better illustrate this grisly battle than someone who was there, especially a doctor who saw the worst of the casualties. During his ­deployment in Fallujah, Jadick had to treat bug bites, head wounds, and everything in ­between. In On Call In Hell Jadick is the savior for many Marines, and unfortunately, the undertaker for others.
Although On Call In Hell sounds like an account of the macabre war being fought in Iraq, it is much more. Jadick's story is one of courage, rising to the challenge to deal with things that other men could
not. His story also shows the strength of men when they are called to duty, and the strong friendships built during these times.
Anki website. Although this book was grim at times, I finished it feeling like it had somehow taught me many things about life. Reading On Call In Hell was worth every minute, and I believe that you will think so too

On Call In Hell Review

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