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You can fix this problem by repairing the Outlook with built-in repair utility. Open Settings from Start menu and select Apps Under Apps & Features choose Microsoft Office Professional and click on Modify Choose Quick Repair from the option to repair Outlook.

  1. This Mac Outlook utility checks for duplicate installations and reindexes Outlook files. Download and open the Outlook Search Repair Utility. Remove any duplicate Outlook installations, if prompted. Restart your system at the prompt.
  2. The Outlook Search Repair tool displays a 'Reindexing, please wait' message while it works. Wait for this process to finish. This may require an hour or more, depending on the size of your Outlook profile. Outlook doesn't have to be open when the repair occurs. A spotlight search will be slower and may not finish while the index is being repaired.
  3. Move the Outlook.sqllite file e.g. To the Desktop (to keep it around until the restore is successful) Launch Outlook. Outlook will prompt you to repair your database. Outlook is now forced to restore its database and rebuild the index, etc. In my case this took about 2–3 hours on a speedy MacBook Pro.

Outlook indexing doesn’t work? Then try rebuilding the Outlook search index to fix this issue. If that fails to help, solve the problem using Remo Repair Outlook in just 3 easy steps.

Update windows 10 version 2004. Sometimes, Outlook search takes a long time or gives an error message like “Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed”, “Outlook instant search not working” or “No matches found”, even when the email is still in the inbox. All these errors are outcome of incomplete Outlook indexing.

Due to this incomplete indexing of Outlook, items that you search are not displayed or you may get partial/no search results.

What Causes Indexing Problem in Outlook?

  • If PST file is indexed incompletely, then you may come across indexing issues
  • Incomplete installation of Outlook add-ins can cause indexing problem in Outlook
  • Having large email attachments may also cause indexing issues

So, when Outlook is not searching your emails correctly, you can try rebuilding the Outlook index using below steps.

  • Open Outlook and go to File tab
  • Select Options, then Search
  • Click on Indexing Options
  • Choose Advanced
  • Hit the Rebuild button


This will rebuild entire Outlook search index and fixes indexing issues.

Outlook Search Repair Utility Windows

Outlook Index Repair Tool - Remo Repair Outlook (PST):

The above method could fail to fix indexing problem in Outlook if PST file is corrupted due to virus attack, improper termination of Outlook, oversizing, or any other reason. In that case, the ideal Outlook indexing fix would be Remo Repair Outlook. The tool can easily fix PST file corrupt due to large size, improper handling, malware intrusion etc. The software does not damage or modify the content of the original PST file while repairing Outlook index as it creates a new healthy file and repair the issues keeping your original Outlook file safe.

Guide for Repairing Outlook Index with Remo Repair Outlook Tool:

You can use the demo edition of Remo Repair Outlook software (at free of cost) to fix Outlook indexing problem. After installing the software on your Windows system, follow the step-by-step instructions explained below:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair Outlook and select corrupted PST file using Open PST File (if you know its location) OR Find PST File (if PST location is unknown) OR Select Outlook Profile (if you have multiple profiles).


Step 2: Select Normal Scan (opt Smart Scan if PST file is severely corrupted), choose destination path to save repaired PST and click on Repair button.

Step 3: Once the PST file repair process is completed successfully, you can view the result in Summary window.

Just import this healthy PST file into the Outlook profile and you are done.

Remo Repair Outlook Software Also Assists You in All the Following Scenarios:

  • In fixing highly encrypted and password protected PST files when they are damaged
  • For repairing several Outlook errors which you may get due to improper installation of Outlook
  • Even if Outlook is not responding due to PST file corruption
  • Resolving sync issues and recovering all lost Outlook data due to Outlook crash

Outlook Search Repair Utility Windows

Additionally, Remo Repair Outlook helps in restoring Outlook folders or items that are deleted from any version of Outlook including 2016. Moreover, the other Outlook attributes such as contacts, calendar items, notes, RSS feeds, journals, etc. can also be recovered. The software can be installed on all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10.

Outlook Search Repair Utility

Outlook Search Repair Utility Mac

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