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Fun Design Games for Learning Graphic Designers

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Learning graphic design is all about practice and graphic design games are a great way to do just that! Games are helpful for learning graphic design because they turn learning a new skill fun. There are games for all types of graphic design fields and this post has a collection of fun design games you can play to learn how to kern, code, or even use the pen tool.

The Bezier Game
I’ve always considered myself to be a pen tool master…until I played this fun design game. The Bezier Game really trains you to use the pen tool the right way. It’s not so much about speed as it is about technique. Every level has a different object to vector, each one increasing in difficulty. After playing this game you’ll have lots of practice with the pen tool and learn how to create perfect curves and angles.

Pen Tool Game
Thanks to Adobe, there’s another fun game designers can use to practice using the pen tool. Help the little alien get to his destination by creating a vector path for him to follow. This game is designed to help designers improve their pen tool skills and learn when to use curves over angles and vice versa. The alien is cute, but it sure can move fast! So don’t worry about perfection with your vector points, just create a path as fast as you can to win!

Flexbox Froggy
If you’re looking to strengthen your coding skills, this game is the one for you! Each level has the same task: get the frogs to their lilypads. To do this, you have to use CSS to guide the frogs in the direction they need to go using properties like justify-content,flex-direction, and align-items. Don’t know what any of those mean? Play Flexbox Froggy and get ready to find out.

Kern Type
Have you learned to kern? Put your skills to the test with Kern Type. Each level features a different typeface with letters that need to be positioned so there is equal spacing between each letter. There’s no rush to this design game, it’s all about getting the letter in just the right spot and making sure the word is clearly legible.

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This fun game is great for designers who want to practice using the color wheel. The concept is fairly simple – find the color(s) that best matches the color(s) in the middle. Each level has a different color harmony and the game is timed so you have to move quickly. After playing this game a few times, you’re sure to know the color wheel so well, you can pick colors with your eyes closed!

This design game is sure to be a favorite for all you pixel lovers out there. Learning to measure with pixels takes practice, which is exactly what this game provides. To play, you have to drag out boxes to match the given pixel dimensions for each round. Take your time when measuring out your boxes. The closer your measurements are to the dimensions, the higher your round score which contributes to your overall score at the end.

Shape Type
Now that you’ve mastered the pen tool, you’re ready to take on the art of lettering. Each level features a different font and a letter with various skewed vector points. Your score is a percentage that compares the similarity between your guess and the actual letter form. This game teaches you a variety of typefaces and curves and angles behind the letters. If you’re interested in typography, this is a great game to learn about letter anatomy.

Shoot the Serif
I have to say, out of all the design games on this list…this one is definitely my favorite. Who ever knew shooting serifs could be so much fun? This game tests how well you can recognize serifs from sans serifs and how quickly you can shoot them with your mouse. There are three levels you can start wtih: Junior, Middle-weight, and Senior. But choose your starting point carefully; the higher levels have less time and chances for errors. In order to get promoted, you have to shoot all the serifs before the clock runs out….this game gets serious y’all!

X-Rite Color Challenge
This is not so much a game as it is a challenge to test how well you see color. Essentially it explains our ability to see color and gives you an excuse to be super competitive with your friends.

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This game can get pretty intense and really fast! Learn to typeset paragraphs by fixing the rag before the timer runs out. A rag is an irregular vertical margin of text, usually on the right side of a paragraph (the left side when flushed right). The goal with this game is to adjust the text to eliminate any distracting shapes in the rag. The only catch is you can’t use your mouse because the entire site is control by key commands! If you don’t learn anything else from this game, you will definitely become an arrow key ninja 😉

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Know any other fun design games for learning graphic designers? Drop the link below so I can play!