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RAMRush is a free memory management and optimization tool. It can efficiently optimize memory usages of your Windows system, free up physical RAM and make your system work better. RAMRush uses an intelligent way to manage the physical memory and lets the RAM work in a better performance. It will help you to prevent system crashes, memory leaks and keep your computer running more efficiently.

RAMRush is easy and powerful to use for both beginners and experts. NO Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!

Ram Leather Care Expert leather cleaning, restoration and repairs as well as specialty textile cleaning Over 650 dry cleaners in 4 states send us their finest leather, fur and textile garments and accessories for cleaning. You can order our personalized leather and specialty cleaning services from anywhere in the USA! Wise Memory Optimizer is freeware, Any user can download it for free and enjoy free automatic update and technical support by email. It has been developed and fully tested to work great on Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems (both 64 and 32-bit), from Windows XP and up. No matter what you own - a desktop or a laptop.

RAMRush is a FREEWARE, you could download and use it free of charge. 100% CLEAN! No Spyware or Adware!

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RAMRush Main Features

  • Increase system performance
  • Increase the amount of memory available
  • Defragment system physical memory
  • Recover memory from Windows applications
  • Remove memory leaks
  • Prevent system crashes caused by memory problems
  • Display the real-time usages data of CPU and RAM
  • Hotkey to do optimization
  • Click to do optimization
  • Quiet mode in Windows tray
  • AutoOptimize mode support
  • Command line mode support (eg: 'PATHOFRAMRUSH/RAMRush.exe -AutoOptimize')

Download RAMRush

A Quick Guide For RAMRush

Ram Cleaner Online

Here is a quick guide for you to use RAMRush:
1. Download RAMRush and install it
2. Run it
3. When you move the mouse cursor to the tray icon area, you will see the RAMRush window like below
4. You could click 'Start Optimize', or double-click RAMRush tray icon, or press the hotkey 'Ctrl-Alt-O' to do optimize action now

RAMRush System Requirements

Supported OS

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7


1MB disk space and 5MB to 8MB RAM, GDIPLUS.DLL for Win98/ME system

Download RAMRush

RAMRush Language Packs

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Ram Cleaner Online
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A slow performing Internet connection, high CPU usage or not sufficient System Memory can cause latency issues, ping and FPS problems. The results are lag, stuttering, flickering, disconnections or other performance issues while playing online games or working with online applications.
With Latency Optimizer from Badosoft you will get a set of utilities and tools to assist you to speed up and boost your Internet connection and you computers performance!

DetailsFeaturesScreenshotsVideoComparisonGet it

Why choose Latency Optimizer?

Latency Optimizer comes with a set of powerful optimization, testing, analyzing and cleaning tools to assist you to reduce high latency, fix lag, improve FPS, boost games & applications and speed up Internet connection & PC!

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Latency Optimizer also includes a Performance Recorder, Speed Test, Ping Test, Packet Monitor and Latency Test. Those Tools will help to analyze the causes of lag, low ping, high latency and FPS drops in online games and application. You can record your Computers Performance while playing or working, measure your ping, up and download speed, monitor your network and test the status of your current latency. Beside this, Performance & Network Optimization Tools, System Memory Optimizer, Startup Entries Manager and a System Cleaner to boost the performance of your Internet connection, Web browser and PC either for surfing, online gaming, online services like VOIP, real time applications like auctions and more.

  • Test

    Measure your upload, download speed and ping & 'Save your Speed Test', analyze the results, compare your previous tests. Run the Latency Test that will simulate your connection and computers processing performance to a game or online service server.

  • Optimize

    Clean up your system from temporary files, history, cookies, temporary files, log files, clipboard, DNS cache, memory dumps, third-party applications,.. clean your disk, tweak up your pc performance.

  • Boost

    Boost your PC performance with 1 click predefined optimization modes and 45 Tweaks & tunes among extra features that can boost your PC performance, RAM, CPU, Network. The Performance Tweaks will let you make certain settings to increase your computer performance speed.

One click Latency Optimization Tool

The three easy to use latency optimization modes are not only used to reduce high latency and fix lag, applying these modes will also speed up Internet connections by misconfiguration and give you a better surfing experience. These modes are essential for letting Latency Optimizer act as a Online Game Booster for your online games as well.

Professional Advanced Settings (45 Tweaks & Tunes)

The Advanced settings of Latency Optimizer are the heart of this powerful application! Here you can apply individual settings to reduce high latency caused by your Internet connection settings or misconfiguration of your system. You will be able to save/load your individual configuration settings at any time to be flexible either you are playing online games or use online applications or services. In combination with the new Game & Application Manager it gives you the possibility to decide if you want to focus on a specific online game, MMORPG, 3rd person Shooters, Adventures, Sport games and many more.

Speed Test, Ping Test and Latency Test Tools

  • The Speed & Ping

    is an important testing tool what will not only show you the results upload and download speed, it will also allow you to test your ping. The innovative 'Save your Speed Test' result feature allows you to save all Speed Tests you will make with Latency Optimizer into your Badosoft account. You will have a full history of your made Speed Tests.

  • Latency Test

    will measure how quickly and in what quality data packet can get from your workstation / laptop to a server somewhere located in the world and back. The Latency Test will simulate your connection and computers processing performance to a game or online service server.

  • Network Info

    The Network Info Tool lists network related information and objects as well as log traffic passing over your digital network. It will help you to monitor your network activities in detail.

Auto Ram Cleaner Pc

* All the Testing Tools can be used in combination with the Game Accelerator and Network Optimizer settings for best results and troubleshooting!

Control Panel

The new implemented Control Panel in Latency Optimizer provides you with quick and easy to use functions via your quick access bar. You can enable a special designed game accelerator, network or process optimizations.

Performance Recorder

The Performance Recorder included in the new Control Panel will record your computers performance while playing online games or while working with online applications. The Performance Recorder will create a detailed log file that will help you by your investigations to find causes of lag, low ping and FPS drops. You will be able to share the log file with the support team of your online game, computer specialists, friends or tech forums.

Performance Tweaks

The Performance Tweaks will let you make certain settings to increase your computer performance speed. You are able to automate cleaning processes, disable and enable system processes and service that are not needed by game play, optimize your computers power options and apply extra gaming boosts.

CPU boost via Game & Application Manager

If you need to reduce high latency, lower ping and fix lag or FPS drop in online games like WOW, Warhammer, AION, RIFT, COD, Counterstrike, Team Fortress, Age of Conan or flash games like Farm Vile, Texas Hold'em Poker and many more you can now set your computers CPU priority on the game of your choice!

Network Tweaks

The Network Teaks will not only allow you to set maximum Internet connection performance on your online game, VOIP services like Skype, Ventrilo via turning off certain services and processes that are not needed during online game or application usage. There are specific services and processes that can slow your Internet connection speed unnecessary down.

System Maintenance Tools

  • System Cleaner

    The System Cleaner is essential to boost your browsing experience and PC. It cleans temporary files, history, cookies, form history, index.dat files of various web browsers, recycle bin, temporary files, log files, clipboard, DNS cache, error reporting, memory dumps, third-party applications, temp files, recent file lists and many more.

  • Startup Entries Manager

    The Startup Manger will assist you to stop unnecessary applications being loaded during the startup of your operating system. This tool can help you to speed up your PC. If you need specific information about a found startup entry in your System, the startup entries Database on the Badosoft Website will provide you with more information.

  • Disk cleaner

    The Disk cleaner frees up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer. The tool searches and identifies files/data that you can safely delete and lets you to choose whether you want to delete some or all the identified files/data.

System Memory Booster

The Free RAM Tool can automatically optimize your system, balancing levels between your memory cache and the computer's speed; to make your computer perform faster and this can be very helpful while playing memory intensive games!

First Aid Kit

Once for a while we all experience while surfing the web that some Webpages won't open anymore and it seems like you lost control of your Web browser. The First Aid Kit tool will help you to repair Winsock and IP errors to solve such problems in no time!

* Latency Optimizer cannot influence on high latency (lag) caused by Server or ISP side, bad lines, weak signals, broken hardware or 3rd party software interfering.


  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 / 8 and Windows 10
  • Advanced Latency Optimization (45 Tunes & Tweaks)
  • 1 Click Latency Optimization, - Performance Recorder (Log File)
  • Performance Tweaks Manager, - Network Optimization Tool
  • Game Accelerator, RAM Optimizer, Speed & Latency Test
  • Packet Monitor, Startup Manager, Disk & System Cleaner
  • First Aid Kit, Keep Alive, Free updates, Ticket Support


  • 1 Click Optimization

    The three easy to use latency optimization modes.
  • Free RAM Tool

    Automatically optimize your system, balance your memory.
  • Performance Tweaks

    Make certain settings to increase your computer performance.
  • Network Tweaks

    Configure maximum Internet connection performance.
  • Advanced Tweaks

    The heart of this powerful application!
  • Speed Test

    Show you the results of upload and download speed-test.
  • System Cleaner

    Essential to boost your browsing experience and PC.
  • Network Info

    Monitor your network activities in detail.

Latency Optimizer is an 'All in 1' application:

Ram Cleaner online, free

Internet & Network Accelerator, Game Booster, Network Monitor, Speed-Ping & Latency Test, System Cleaner,Memory and Performance Booster

Ram Cleaner Pc Online

Latency Optimizer can help you to:

Automatic Ram Cleaner Freeware Download

  • Reduce high latency - Fix lag by online games and online application.
  • Improve FPS and analyze FPS drops in online games
  • Improve your up and download speed by misconfiguration
  • Balance your System Memory and set CPU priorities
  • Get rid of unwanted Files what slows down your PC performance.
  • Record computer's performance while playing games for later analysis
  • Measure your up/download speed, test your latency and ping

Pc Ram Cleaner Free

Full version features comparison

Ram Cleaning Software

FeatureFree versionLifetime License $35.00
Optimization modes
Slight Optimization
Medium Optimization
Hard Optimization
Testing tools
Speed Test
Ping Test
Advanced Latency Test
Network info / packet monitoring
Cleaning tools
Disk Cleaner
Startup Manager
System Cleaner
Boosting tools
Free RAM
Network Tweaks
Performance Tweaks
CPU boost
Other features
Performance Recording
Control Panel
First Aid Kit
Professional Advanced Settings (45 Tweaks & Tunes)
My games & applications management list
Automatic settings backup
Full support
Free downloadBuy $35.00