Recalbox 4.1

The 4.1 should be available in a few days and the stable 4.1 in few weeks:) level 2. Recalbox does connect to my router just fine via wifi. Feb 22, 2018 Galisteo Recalbox 4.1 – 64GB – 47 systems – 10.939 games. Galisteo IS BACK!! This time he is half the size of his last, a 64gb image with 47 systems and over 10,900 games all playable on his lovely RecalBox compilation for the Raspberry Pi. Some awesome roms can be found on here ( just like his last 128gb image! I have a Rpi3 running Recalbox 7.1.1. I modified the /boot/config.txt file according to the wiki to enable composite and I also enabled the GPIO joystick buttons on the Recalbox config. Everything works while booting but for some reason when I exit any game using start+select the composite video corrupts and starting showing streaks across the.

  • Is it possible to update from recalbox 4.1 to recalbox 6.0? No, it is not possible to update this very very old version (over a year and a half) to recalbox 6.0 RCx / Stable Clean installation is required. See below for instructions. Is it possible to update from recalbox 18.07.xxxxx to recalbox 6.0 RCx / Stable?
  • Download Recalbox 7.2.2-Reloaded. Thanks for choosing Recalbox! In just a few clicks, we’ll turn your Raspberry Pi, ODROID, PC, or portable device into a retrogaming console, thanks to the latest and greatest software: Recalbox 7.2.2-Reloaded! View all Recalbox images.

At last … After more than a year of development, several public unstable releases starting from February with quite much feedback from all of you, dear community, and many other changes that you wouldn’t see (new blog, new infrastructure, new way of developing/building/releasing, and much more …)

We are really glad to release this 4.1 version of Recalbox ! Here are some of the main features of this new version:

  • Bluetooth has been totally reworked (and I DO mean totally rewritten) so we can support the Pi3 internal bluetooth. Please note you MUST pair again all your devices, that’s something that can’t be upgraded.
  • New supported boards : Odroid XU4 and C2, PC X86 (32 and 64 bits) … as well as the Pi0-w !
  • Regarding the EmulationStation side : many new translations, contextual help, new favourite icons, update download progress percentage, Screenscraper natively supported, audio output device selection, many bugs solved … and a virtual keyboard!
  • A new web manager, thanks to DjLeChuck. Go to http://recalbox (Windows only) or http://recalbox.local (Linux and MAC)
  • New drivers for XBox360, DualShock3 + DualShock4 pads supported on bluetooth (all pads generations may not be compatible)
  • New systems : AppleII, DOS, PSP, Dreamcast and … Commodore64 ! And even Gamecube and Wii (but only on PC 64 bits)? Those systems are not available on all boards. If you see no new folder in the roms directory, then the system is not supported on your board.
  • New MAME emulator : advancemame 3.4 (only available on Pi for now)
  • Better support for TFT screens
  • No more trouble with FAT32 formatting ! Recalbox is now also available as an image format !

And many other new features that you’ll discover as soon as your Recalbox is updated ! So join us on the forums to celebrate this new release and to share your feedback (and bugs … eventually … I hope not !)

One last thing : please be patient during the update. Recalbox will have to reboot several times, the screen can turn black for a while … Do not worry, it’s al under control ! Just let your Recalbox work !

Recalbox 4.1

PS : Want more ? Have a look here for the complete changelog (that will anyway be displayed once your upgrade is over), .img are available on the complete download page.

And if you ever feel unpatient during the update and want to spoil yourself with some new features of 4.1 have a look on the 4.1 Youtube playlist.

Create your own recalbox

If you are here, you are in the process of creating your own multi-emulation platform for your HDMI TV, or even an Arcade Cabinet with an embedded system!

You're on the right page!

Follow the guide and create your own Recalbox in 3 easy steps.


3 Steps


STEP 1. Get the hardware.

You will need the following in order to create your Recalbox:
  • A Raspberry Pi 3B+ (actually any model other than A/A+ is supported)
  • A microSD card >= 16GB
  • A good quality micro USB power supply > 2.5A
  • A HDMI Cable
  • A PS3 Sixaxis, a Dualshock 3, a Shanwan Copy, or a USB controller
  • A high quality Bluetooth Dongle
  • A Raspberry Pi Case
  • A USB keyboard if you don't have an OOTB controller.

Recalbox 4.1 Release Date

Once you have all these components, you can begin the installation of Recalbox OS on your micro SD card.


STEP 2. Install Recalbox OS.

It's time to download and install Recalbox OS !

Go to to download the latest version of Recalbox OS. Select the image according to your board. Then use balenaEtcher to burn the downloaded `.img.xz` file on your SD card.

Insert the micro SD into your RPi, plug in the HDMI, the keyboard and the power cable. Your Raspberry Pi boots and the installer starts to copy files.

You now have a Recalbox!


STEP 3. Configure your Recalbox.

Recalbox 4.1 Pc Download

You may want to configure your controller for your new Recalbox!

If you have a PS3 controller with a bluetooth dongle, just take a micro usb cable, plug the controller into Recalbox and wait 10 seconds. Google earth macbook download. You can now unplug the controller and press the HOME button. Your controller is configured!

If you have a Xbox 360 USB controller, just plug it in and play!

If you have a USB controller, plug your USB keyboard, press ENTER in the frontend, select the 'Configure Input' entry with S key, then select 'Configure a controller' and press the S key again. Follow the instructions and map each controller button to the corresponding button on the screen. Buttons are named after Super Nintendo controllers.

See the wiki for more info!

Please share your project with us in our forum: