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If you’ve already managed to fall in love with cheap shopping at Chinese online stores, especially Aliexpress, then you probably want to always be aware of where your package is currently located. Although almost every retailer on the site offers customers one of several types of delivery, the most popular and most often free is China Post . It is worth noting that most shipments are sent through it.

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As soon as the goods are shipped with Aliexpress, the seller will provide you with a tracking number. Registered airmail in this case means that the departure is registered, and also sent by plane, by plane.

Each such package has the following tracking form: RJ444213101CN . Through this number you can find out what the status of the plot is, as well as where it is located at a particular time.

It seems that they paid for the goods and got the track number, but for some reason that is not being followed. This happens if the seller has ordered a simple air delivery and the maximum that can be found according to the number of records is that the shipment has been sent and crossed the border. But in your country (USA) it will not be monitored.

Although in this way packages started to be sent less and less, since then Aliexpress requires vendors to give full tracking numbers for tracking. This measure allows you to reduce the number of lost packages in the mail when they are actually lost or stolen from dishonest sellers. In addition, buyers and sellers themselves will not be able to cheat and claim that the package was not received or sent.

Registered airmail usps

Therefore, it is mostly used to send registered items, which are called. This allows you to track packets along their route.



So, we continue to track the package with Aliexpress the first thing that comes up is how and where to do it?

Tracking sent goods is not difficult at all and the first service is the official website of China Post .

It’s made entirely in Chinese, so tracking products on it isn’t very convenient, but it’s still possible, especially if your browser has a built-in translator. Well, or you can use online services, for example, Google or Yandex.

When a package is registered in your country, internal mail will already be included in its delivery. Therefore, if you ordered the goods in USA, further tracking is possible on the USA Post website.

There are simpler ways to track products.

The first is the use of special services called trackers. They allow you to track packages no matter how many services are involved in them. For example, in our case, a shipment is sent by two different services, that is, to track it, you need to use two services. The tracker allows you to do this in just one place. One of the most trustable services is Cainiao.

It seems very simple. Immediately on the main page, it is suggested that you list your track and follow it.

Another way is throught your account in Aliexpress . All you have to do is enter “My Orders” and click opposite purchase Tracking Verification .

On the new page you will immediately see all the information about the location of your product. As with trackers, only one service is used. And you don’t even have to ask for anything.


Packages with Aliexpress, Amazon or Ebay Shipping are usually on average 20-30 days. This is due to the fact that the shipment is registered. Sometimes it happens that you have to wait longer, but this is rare.

The final delivery time largely depends on your location, so someone receives the goods faster and someone waits a long time.

China’s national post office is often overloaded, forcing sellers to use other services. Tracking packages from China by rail is an affordable service of logistics operators, thanks to which the recipient will always be aware of the location of his shipment. Most orders from China come from major markets like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or TaoBao. Sellers often use this service on AliExpress, supplying small budget goods in the form of small loads.

Tracking of packages from China by order number is accompanied by automatic notifications of shipment status changes. You no longer have to manually monitor the status – the system will automatically notify you via SMS when the sending status changes. No matter which shipping method you choose, you will surely get a package tracking number from China. The postal identifier is sufficient to independently detect the location of the goods. Now you will know everything – whether he stayed in the sorting center, moved around China or got stuck somewhere in USA. Track number – a necessary argument when resolving litigation and refunding money for undelivered goods. Tracking packages from China by number is possible from any device – from a computer or mobile phone. Some logistics operators are developing special applications for smartphones that make the tracking process as simple as possible.

Registered Airmail

Finding packages by number of records from China is an important part of delivery. In the age of modern technology, anyone can make their life simple and practical. Thanks to online services, you can check the location of the package at any time and anywhere in the world. This will allow online shopping enthusiasts to manage the delivery process on their own. With the help of the information page you can follow the route of the shipment from departure to the final destination. Anyone can check where the package is from China – checking the code does not require special skills.

Modern postal services provide users with the ability to independently check the tracking of packages from China by number of records. Thanks to an online department with convenient navigation, it will be easiest to find a package with goods ordered in China. Tracking packages from China is best done after registering on the service. After creating an account on the resource, each user will be able to click to save records to their personal account and update the status of items. The invoice allows you to control the delivery status, track the location of goods and change parameters as desired.

Registration does not take much time, you just need to choose a username and password that meet the requirements of the system. After registration, everyone will get access to additional features of the service. Tracking system – the best solution! Tracking Chinese packages on the track is a guarantee of the safety of your shipment abroad. You can rest assured – the order will arrive on time intact.

China Post is a Chinese postal operator. It is a company whose activities are regulated by the State Bureau of Communications of the People’s Republic of China. China Post is involved in the processing and shipping of international postal items (IGO). One of the main advantages of the organization is the possibility of remote registration and payment of items via the Internet. China Post has an express service – EMS.

The popularity of Chinese products has grown significantly. A large number of consumers buy goods online. There are two explanations for this. The consumer audience is attracted by the wide selection and rather low price. Some users find it difficult to independently understand the operation of Chinese websites and China Post directly.

Let’s consider the most important characteristics of the work of a postal organization.


Classification of IGO varieties is traditional for the Postal Union.

1. Small package – weight up to 2 kg.

2. Package – over 2 kg.

The main advantage of registered shipments is that such China Post shipments can be tracked, unregistered shipments cannot.

A registered item is assigned a special code with which you can control its movement from sender to recipient.

R – small package

C – package

Registered Airmail Japan

E, shorter for EMS, express service

Another character is used for uniqueness. This is followed by a 9-digit code. The last two characters indicate the country of the sender. The code is typical and complies with the standards of the Universal Postal Union (international abbreviation – UPU, from the English Universal Postal Union). For example, CN is the last two letters in the package code sent from China.

When tracking the China Post, keep in mind that you can only track shipments that have a special code. In the initial stages of tracking China Post packages, it is recommended to use Chinese services (for example,), as it will provide the most accurate information about the location of the postal item. Same working principle for tracking China Post Air Mail. Just know the code. You can use the official site and other services.


  1. There are six to nine tracking points for Speedpost: (1) Posted; (2) Process completed for departure; (3) Handed over to carrier / Left for destination; (4) Arrived at processing centre (inward office of exchange); (5) Presented to customs (if available); (6) Released from Customs (if available); (7) Arrived at delivery office; and (8) Unsuccessful Delivery or (9) Delivered. [(1) to (3) Provided by Hongkong Post; (4) to (9) Provided by destination postal administrations]
  2. There are four tracking points for e-Express service: (1) Posted; (2) Handed over to the carrier / Left for destination; (3) Arrival at processing centre (inward office of exchange); and (4) Delivered. [(1) & (2) Provided by Hongkong Post; (3) & (4) Provided by destination postal administrations]
  3. Tracking points for registered mail / iMail before leaving Hong Kong: (1) Posted; (2) Handed over to the carrier / Left for destination. Processing and delivery information of mail at destination is supplied by the destination postal administration. According to the international postal operation arrangements of the Universal Postal Union, destination postal administrations are not bound to release processing and delivery information of “International Registered Mail”. Overseas destinations, including the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany, have ceased to provide tracking information of registered mail.
  4. There are four to seven tracking points for Parcel: (1) Posted; (2) Handed over to carrier / Left for destination; (3) Arrived at processing centre (inward office of exchange); (4) Presented to customs (if available); (5) Released from Customs (if available); and (6) Unsuccessful Delivery or (7) Delivered. [(1) & (2) are provided by Hongkong Post; (3) to (7) are provided by destination postal administrations]
  5. e-Express Service does not come with service for tracing lost or delayed items. Customers may enquire tracking information of their items on the websites of destination postal administrations or of Hongkong Post (HKP) within six months from the date of posting. HKP only processes indemnity claims for loss of an e-Express item originated from Hong Kong.
  6. The delivery time of Speedpost items varies depending on the destination. Please refer to Speedpost website for details.
  7. The maximum weight of Speedpost items varies depending on the destination. Please refer to Speedpost website for details.
  8. Besides compensation for loss or damage of mail item, Speedpost Services (including Standard, Multipack and Freight) also provide compensation for delay in delivery of mail item.
  9. Mail items to reach recipients for most destination cities which are subject to situation of flight availability, customs clearance, aviation security check, force majeure events, etc as well as the territory coverage. For destinations in extensive territory like Brazil and Russia, it may take more delivery time. Nevertheless, mail items will be treated as priority mail in the destinations, speeding up mail processing.
  10. Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.
  11. Land transportation is only applicable to the mail items destined to southern China (including Shenzhen and Guangzhou).
  12. As the port in Zhuhai is currently closed, Speedpost items destined to Zhuhai are temporarily transported by land. Sea transportation may resume in the future.
  13. Land transportation is applicable to the mail items destined to China.
  14. Proof of recipient's signature for Vantage Service is temporarily not available due to the pandemic.

Registered Airmail Tracking

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