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Libretto pdf pdf shrek the musical libretto pdf shrek the musical script by swool4abafel originally produced on broadway by dreamworks theatricals and neal, shrek the musical has launched an all new online video series called this is our story. Can-Can (Conductor).pdf Candide.pdf Cannibal The Musical Script and Score Card, the.pdf Carnival.pdf Caroline or Change.pdf Carousel.pdf Carrie (Broadway).pdf Cats (Conductor's Score).pdf Celebration - score.pdf ChessVocalScore.pdf Chicago.pdf Children of Eden - Complete Score.pdf Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Full Score.pdf. Act I SCENE ONE Olympic Powerhouse 1.!I’M TOO HOT FOR YOU JEFF And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage: No Vacancy! SHREK I've read the stories. DONKEY And I've read the sports page — that don't make me a hockey player! SHREK (reading file) It says she's been locked in the tower since she was seven. DONKEY Aw, that's sad. Only seven years old. SHREK (to the audience) Sounds like a cue for a flashback, doesn't it? DONKEY (confused) Who are you talking to?

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A note from Maryann Zschau, the director for Shrek:

Shrek will be performed December 6-8 at Littleton High School. It is open to ALL students in grades 7-12.

Hi everyone,

Trying to get a jump on the madness of what will be auditioning the musical at the beginning of school, so I thought I would send out a PDF of the SHREK script for all of you to add to your summer reading list. Please note that it is in two PDF’s and that the only roles that will have to be played by boys are Shrek , Donkey and Farquad . All others are unisex!

You can download the Broadway sound track on Itunes or get it on Amazon, but please note that one of Donkey’s tunes and the Dragon’s song are different in the script and we will be doing the script versions, not the CD versions.

We are still putting together the week night rehearsal schedule (Sunday afternoons from 1PM to 6PM are confirmed), and will be in touch with that in the coming weeks. Please know that your weeknight availability WILL affect the size of the role you get, but there are LOTS of roles of all sizes. It’s a big, new show for us, so we need full commitments from those in leading roles ( Shrek , Fiona, and Donkey in particular).

Mr. Bergman is actually musically directing a community theatre production of “Shrek” in September in Sterling MA (Next to Leominster), that I would encourage you to see. Details to follow…

Have a wonderful rest of the summer and stay cool!

Maryann Zschau
Director for “Shrek”

[Scripts removed]

- Oh!

Look, you read Lord

Farquaad's decree.

Yeah, yeah, we read it.

'All fairy-tale creatures have been

banished from the Kingdom of Duloc.

All fruitcakes and freaks will be sent

to a 'resettlement facility. '

- Um.. it smells like butt.

- Yes.

She's right. It really stinks.

When I call your name, step forward.

Pinocchio, the Puppet!


I am not a puppet, I'm a real boy.

- That's your patch of mud down there.

- Thank you very much.

- Shoemaker's Elf!

- Yes. Right here.

- Ugly Duckling!

- Aw! Dumped on a swamp!

Man, I tell you, sometimes being

a fairy-tale creaturesucks pine sap!

Life is disappointing

Woe is what I know

Outed by my nose

That's just how it goes

for poor Pinocchio

Story of my life

Always doomed to fail

Cheated by a fox

Swallowed by a whale

That's the story

of my life, oh yeah

That's the story of my life

Three Bears, take your spot

over there by that sign.

No, that's too far!

Too close.

Ah! Just right.

Strife is never ending

Fairy Godmother! Dragon haven pdf free download windows 10.

- Banished from the town

- Wicked Witch!

They dragged me from the pond

They broke my magic wand

They blew our condos down

Mad Hatter!

Life is but a witch hunt

Mama's in the mud

Mama's in distress

Shrek The Musical Libretto Pdf

They ridiculed my hat

They said that we were fat

They tore my cottongranny dress

and called me a hot and tranny mess

Sugar Plum Fairy!

Story of my life


Booted from the ball

The party's off the hook

But I'm too off-the-wall

That's the story of my life

You're late, Rabbit!

- That's the story of my life

- Have fun, you guys.

That's the story of my life

And remember,

if we find you back in the kingdom,

you will be executed.

I always dreamed

Shrek The Musical Libretto Pdf

I'd get a happy ending

And this right here?

Shrek The Musical Libretto Pdf Online

Not how it goes

I always dreamed

I'd get an 'ever after'

If this is it, it blows