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Products Every Maintenance Release (MR) for XG Firewall v18 has brought compelling new features as well as a variety of performance, stability, and security enhancements – and MR5 is no exception. Apr 06 2021 By Chris McCormack What’s New in v18 MR5. With Sophos XG v18 update, there are some significant changes concerning the configuration on selecting a gateway. We will try to explain the changes from v17 to v18 in this article. How it is in v17: In v17, you choose the default gateway for the traffic going to the Internet or outside the XG in the same firewall rule configuration. Sophos XG Firewall leverages Sophos’ industry leading, machine learning technology, powered by SophosLabs Intelix. Threat intelligence comes from our critically acclaimed global Tier-1 threat research lab, SophosLabs leveraging the industry’s top data scientists and extensive research into predictive deep-learning analysis and detection. Sophos XG Firewall v18 MR3: SSMK(Secure Storage Master Key) for encryption of sensitive data. 9860 views 24 replies Latest 4 days ago by Ed Reed1 Latest Community.

One of the great new features in XG Firewall v18 that we covered in Part 3 of this series is the new SD-WAN Application and User/ Group based link selection capabilities. In this article, we’ll review how you can take advantage of those as a part of another new feature in XG Firewall v18 – Route Based IPsec VPN.

Route Based IPsec (RBVPN) in XG Firewall v18 enables truly dynamic IPsec site-to-site VPN tunnels. With RBVPN, network topology changes do not impact VPN policy and you no longer need to modify VPN policies if networks are added or removed from your environment, greatly simplifying VPN policy creation and management, especially in larger and more dynamic environments.

RBVPN provides full control over routing with support for static, dynamic (OSPF, BGP, RIP) and SD-WAN policy-based routes with RBVPN policies. RBVPN implementation in XG Firewall v18 also provides flexibility to setup more complex network address translation using the new NAT rule configuration such as VPN NAT overlap scenarios.

XG Firewall v18 also supports RBVPN tunnel interfaces for SD-WAN policy-based routes to support IPsec and MPLS co-existence with SD-WAN. This makes it possible to enable IPsec and MPLS (even on a non-WAN zone) to both be active at the same time with options for load balancing on VPN tunnels as well.

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RBVPN is a well-accepted industry standard and interoperates nicely with other vendor’s route-based VPN tunnels making it easier to tunnel to Azure/ AWS and other cloud providers. Ultimately, Route based VPN is the preferred choice for today’s dynamic networks.

Making the Most of Route-Based IPsec VPN Tunnels in XG Firewall
This video provides a great detailed look at how to setup route-based VPN in XG Firewall v18:

Route Based VPN in XG Firewall v18 from Sophos on Vimeo.

Then, you can take full advantage of the new Synchronized SD-WAN policy-based routing for your VPN traffic, with options for user, group, application, and even Synchronized Application Control discovered app based-routing for your route-based VPN.

Synchronized SD-WAN leverages the added clarity and reliability of application identification that comes with the sharing of Synchronized Application Control information between Sophos-managed endpoints and XG Firewall. Synchronized Application Control can positively identify 100% of all networked applications, including evasive, encrypted, obscure, and custom applications and now these previously unidentified applications can also be added to SD-WAN and VPN routing. This provides a level of application routing control and reliability that other firewalls can’t match.

To use Synchronized Application Control discovered apps in your routing, when creating an application object for SD-WAN or VPN routing, you can select “Synchronized Application Control” from the technology drop-down box as show below to see all the relevant applications.

Here’s a summary of the resources available to help you make the most of the new features in XG Firewall v18, including the new route-based VPN capabilities:

If you’re new to Sophos XG Firewall, learn more about the great benefits and features XG Firewall can deliver to your network.

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XG Firewall v18 includes several performance gains that will breathe new life into customer networks enabling them to handle more traffic and better secure it. If you haven’t upgraded your customers to XG Firewall v18 already, you’re going to want to do so as soon as possible to take advantage of the substantial performance benefits.

What are the gains and where do they come from?

Consider these potential performance boosts available by upgrading to XG Firewall v18:

That’s some impressive performance improvements!

One of the most exciting enhancements to XG Firewall in v18 was the introduction of the new Xstream Architecture with it’s all new streaming DPI engine, advanced TLS 1.3 inspection solution, and Network Flow FastPath.

Let’s look at how the Xstream Architecture upgrades performance:

Trusted Traffic FastPath Acceleration:

The new Xstream Network Flow FastPath is all about performance. It directs trusted traffic that doesn’t require security scanning onto the fast lane through the system. This not only minimizes latency and accelerates application traffic through the firewall, it also has the added benefit of not engaging the DPI engine for deep-packet inspection of trusted traffic.

The impact of fastpathing is up to a 5x improvement in firewall traffic throughput! Of course, with a blend of real-world traffic mixes, not all applications qualify for trusted traffic FastPath acceleration, but if a substantial portion of traffic can be accelerated on the FastPath, it can increase the firewall’s security scanning capacity while allowing more trusted traffic. That’s a win-win.

Be sure to see how to make the most of the Network Flow FastPath on your network to see how this works and how to set it up optimally.

TLS Inspection Speed:

The new Xstream TLS inspection solution also brings a tremendous boost in decrypting and inspecting encrypted traffic flows with up to a 2x improvement in performance. And when you combine the added performance with the very granular and easy to manage TLS inspection policies, you can be sure XG Firewall is only inspecting traffic that really needs it, and now do it faster than ever.


See how to make the most of Xstream TLS Inspection on XG Firewall.

IMIX Traffic Performance:

Internet Mix or IMIX is an often used reference in measuring typical real-world internet network traffic performance making it a good metric to consider when looking at performance.

The new Xstream Architecture in XG Firewall v18 also brings a substantial boost in performance to this important metric. On our mid-range models, the gains are over 100% with the average across the XG Series line being a 57% improvement in performance. This is all thanks to optimizations in the packet processing flow, DPI engine, and Network Flow FastPath. It’s an incredible real-world improvement in traffic processing performance.

Other common traffic performance measurements also benefit from the Xstream Architecture in v18 including raw firewall performance, IPS, AV, Application Control and malware protection.

Sophos Xg Firewall V18 Exam

Get the latest XG Firewall Brochure to see the latest performance metrics and how the XG Series models stack up.

SSL VPN Capacity:

Further optimizations to our SSL engine in XG Firewall v18 MR3 bring some dramatic improvements to remote access SSL VPN capacity with up to 6x the number of connections possible on our higher-end appliances. Increases are more modest at the entry-level, but on a typical mid-range device like the XG 310 the capacity has tripled! This is great news for everyone managing a remote workforce these days.

Check out the other great enhancements with remote-access VPN.

Upgrade Today:

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If you haven’t already, upgrade your customers to XG Firewall v18 today – it’s a free performance boost – and there’s a ton of great new protection and networking features.

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Be sure to take advantage of all the resources available, including the recent “Making the Most of XG Firewall v18” article series that covers all the great new capabilities in XG Firewall v18: