Superman 2 (specter Edition)

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The Special Edition DVD version of Superman also includes the scene of the the ABC-TV version where the spaceship bringing Kal-El to Earth passes by the Phantom Zone prisoners. Due to the extreme deterioration of the original sound effects track, the film's sound effects were re-recorded for the 2001 DVD release. File Size: 12 kb: File Type: zip: Download File. This is the complete conversion of the game Sunman for the NES to the game it.

Superman 2 (specter Edition) Cz

Before Krypton exploded and Jor-El put his baby son, Kal-El, in a rocket ship to Earth, the benevolent ruler was forced to banish three irredeemable criminals to another dimension called The Phantom Zone.

The trio’s leader, General Zod, vowed revenge. Later, of course, Kal-El grew up to become Superman, Earth’s mighty champion. A battle to save Lois from a group of terrorists ends with Superman hurling a hydrogen bomb into space where it explodes, but not harmlessly. Instead, it frees the Kryptonian threesome from their other-dimensional prison.

They soon discover they have almost unlimited power (the same powers, in fact, as Superman), which they use to take over the Earth. Meanwhile, the intrepid reporter, Lois Lane, learns that her bumbling colleague, Clark Kent, is really Superman, a revelation that leads to him bringing her to his frozen Fortress of Solitude to negotiate with Jor-El and ultimately renounces his powers in order to make love to Lois.

It is only when Superman and Lois return to civilization that they learn of the three Kryptonians and how Lex Luthor has joined forces with them. Now, Superman must reverse the irreversible and regain his powers in order to save mankind.


Superman 2 (specter Edition) Teljes Film

This version brings all the craft and impeccable film making of Richard Donner with the reinstated scenes of Marlon Brando whilst restoring the fun, action and extended villain’s scenes of Richard Lester’s 1980 version minus the over-the-top idiotic an un-funny comedy. Enjoy this seamless “Ultimate Edition” of Superman II which delivers the best of both worlds.