Tamagotchi Connection Game Instructions

Tamagotchi Connection V1 Jump Games Get ♪: is a game which has also been released on the Shuku Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus. The user must use the far left and far right buttons to collect the muscial notes and avoid catching poop. Tamagotchi Connection. Tamagotchi Connection current and past versions via our Tamagotchi Information Center; Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 Instructions via Tama's Rule via TamaTalk. Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 instructions in Adobe Acrobat.pdf format they were originally on Bandai's Canadian site, and are now archived by us. Tamagotchi Connection Caring Guide (US / English) Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 Codes; Tamagotchi Connexion Digital Friends of the World. Instruction Sheet ©Bandai WiZ 2004 Bandai 2004. Tamagotchi Connexion is an interactive virtual pet that will.

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  • Giga Pet T-Rex Part 1Part 2
  • Tamagotchi Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
  • Nano Puppy Part 1Part 2
  • Giga Frog Part 1Part 2
  • Nano Talking Baby Part 1Part 2
  • Nano Fighter (Rough Rider) Part 1Part 2
  • Giga Doggie Part 1Part 2
  • Disney Toy Story Virtual Alien

This following instructions are posted on other sites. You may find more than one set of instructions in here for the same pet.

First, a big thanks to Hasbro / Tiger for posting instructions for many of the Giga Pets and Giga Friends! They are one of few or the only manufacturer with their virtual pet instructions still online.

  • Lost World Baby T-Rex Giga Pet
  • Giga Pet Digi Pooch
  • Giga Pet Bitty Kitty
  • Komputer Koala Giga Pet
  • Monkey Giga Pet
  • Bit Critter Giga Pet
  • Digital Doggie Giga Pet
  • Giga Pet Virtual Alien
  • Giga Pet Precious Kitty Barbie
  • 101 Dalmations GigaPet
  • Yoda Giga Pet
  • Cyber Kitty Giga Pet
  • Floppy Frog Giga Pet
  • Little Mermaid Giga Pet
  • R2D2 GigaPet Giga Friend
  • Rancor Giga Pet
  • Sabrina Salem the Cat Giga Pet
  • Giga Pet Micro Pup KFC
  • Giga Farm
  • Giga Pound
  • A Bug's Life Giga Pet
  • Cabbage Patch Kids Giga Pet
  • Looney Tunes Giga Pet
  • Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Baily GigaPet also called Giga Circus
  • Small Soldiers Giga Pet
  • Rugrats GigaPet
  • Batman & Robin Giga Fighters
  • WCW NWO Giga Fighters
Thanks to Tamenagerie.com for posting instructions for several pets that would be very difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere.
  • Tamagotchi
  • Tamagotchi Plus
  • Talking Nano Baby, Kitty and Puppy
  • Nano Baby
  • Nano Puppy and Kitty
  • Nano Generation 2 Nano Bunny, Nano Turtle, Nano Horse
  • Nano Fighters Supreme Sumo, Alley Rumble, Rough Rider
  • Nekotcha (a Japanese keychain cat)
  • Looney Tunes Giga Pet Plus
  • Digital Doggie Giga Pet
  • Bird Watching
  • Ganbare! Ryuuta-kun
  • Aruke Robocon Pedometer
  • Pocket Love, Romi & Julie, Hello Kitty Love Pet
  • Dr. Slump
  • Pocket Biscuit
  • Pocket Horse by Tomy (Japan)
  • Toy Story Virtual Friends Disney
  • Rikou Rikou Chan / Smarty Time
  • Dinky Dino
  • Dinki Penguin / Yuki Penguin
Thanks to Mystic Fortress for posting instructions online for several pets that were difficult to find in the U.S.
  • Tamagotchi Angel pet
  • Angelgotchi
  • Tamagotchi Ocean pet Umi No
  • Tamagtochi Ocean Umi No
  • Mesutchi and Osutchi Tamagotchi
  • Forestgotchi also known as Morino Tamagotch and Tamagotchi Garden
Thanks to Glade at the Enchanted Forest for posting many instructions online for several years. They are nolonger online. The URLs are listed here for reference
  • Pausing common keychain pets www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/7753/cheats.html
  • Tamagotchi I Growth Chart www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/7753/growth.html
  • Raku Raku Dinokun www.geocities.com/enchantedforest/dell/8881/instructions.htm
  • Cyber Mickey www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/7753/mickey.html
  • Riko Riko Chan www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/7753/riko.html
Thanks to Tamagotchi Square for posting a large collection of translated keychain virtual pet instructions
  • Tamagotchi Mothra
  • Devilgotchi
  • Tamatochi
  • Yasashii
  • Santaclautchi
  • Doraemon-chi
  • Hello Kitty
  • Pocket Hello Kitty
  • Pocket Sakura
  • Keroppi frog
  • Genji-chi
  • Dr. Slump SuhiSuhiTouch
  • Tamagotchi Plus
Thanks to Tinkerville for posting several unique virtual pet instructions and for working with some other sites to post them.
  • Hanami a fascinating virtual flower pet, unique body
Thanks to many others for posting various keychain pet instructions
  • Nano Baby
  • Nano Kitty and Nano Puppy
  • Pokemon Pocket Pikachu from Nintendo
  • Tamakaci Virtual Duck game as a watch
  • Nintendo Hello Kitty (virtual pet and pedometer) in Japanese
  • RakuRaku Dinokun
  • VMIGO Golden Retriever
  • Tamagotchi Connection
    • Tamagotchi Connection current and past versions via our Tamagotchi Information Center
    • Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 Instructions via Tama's Rule via TamaTalk.
    • Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 instructions in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format they were originally on Bandai's Canadian site, and are now archived by us.
    • Bandai also posts some instructions and tips on their U.S. site.
  • Tamagtochi
  • TamaOtch
  • Octogotchi 8 in 1 virtual pet

    Several of the robotic virtual pet manuals below are from the RobotsandComputers.com web site. Please visit their site for access to countless robotic manuals

    Note- many of the robotic virtual pet manuals are in pdf format. Some are large files and will take a while to download on adial up connection.

    • Hasbro (Tiger)
      • Chirpy-Chi
      • Dino-Chi Pterodactyl
      • Dino-Chi T-Rex
      • Furby Care Guide Emoto-Tronic Furby
      • Furby Manual Classic Furby
      • Furby Babies
      • Furby Babies Emoto-Tronic
      • Furby written copy by Mimitchi
      • I-Cybie in adobe acrobat format (very large file)
      • iCybie from Robots and Computers
      • iDog
      • Meow-Chi
      • MioPup
      • Petal-Chi
      • Poo-Chi
      • Poo-Chi Bulldog
      • Poo-Chi 102 Dalmations
      • Poo-Chi Poodle
      • Super Poo-Chi
      • Robobaby
      • Shelby
      • Teddy Ruxpin
    • Sony
      • AIBO ERS-7
    • Tekno
      • Tekno the Robotic Puppy - Techno Puppy also called Teksta no longer supported online by manufacturer, was at www.tekno-robot.com/Teknoim.pdf . Puppyvia Robots and Computers.
      • Tekno Newborn Puppy no longer supported online by manufacturer, was at www.tekno-robot.com/puppy_manual.pdf. Newborn via Robots and Computers
      • Polly Tekno Parrot no longer supported online by manufacturer, was at www.polly-robot.com/topsecret.html . Parrot via Robots and Computers
    • Tomy
      • Spotbot
    • WowWee
      • Cyber Spider
      • FlyTech Dragonfly
      • Mega-Byte an early robotic dog
      • Roboboa snake
      • Robopanda
      • RoboPet dog
      • RoboQuad
      • RoboRaptor
      • RoboReptile
      • WowWee Remote used with many of the virtual pets above
    • Others
      • Me and My Shadow in adobe acrobat format
      • Petster a very early virtual pet
      • Smithsonian Bionic Bug
      • Pleo UGOBE dinosaur
      • WeeBot from Sharper Image

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    Instruction Comments and Tips

    We have heard from hundreds of virtual pet users who have lost their instructions or never had them to start with. Below are some tips concerning the instructions themselves.

    Tip #1- Many virtual pets are packaged on a plastic wrapped 'card' in the stores. The heavy paper card is normally folded over from top to bottom and the instructions are printed on a slip of paper that is between the card halves. We open the packages by using a pair of scissors to cut off the plastic that extends below the bottom edge of the 'card'. This allows us to 'split apart' the two halves of plastic and get the pet out the bottom. Next, we reach up between the two pieces of the 'card' and pull out the instructions. Many, many people have thrown away the card, not realizing the instructions are inside it.

    Tip #2 - Now that you have the instructions, don't expect them to be a great help. Many of the pets have very poor instructions. They have some translation problems, are difficult to follow, some are in a font too small to read or poorly copied and many are incomplete.

    Tip #3 - If you are an adult and a little concerned about 'burning your child's ears' you might want to read them first, especially the section about cleaning up after the pet. The instructions for several of the pets primarily used in Japan or early versions instructions for U.S. pets often use the 's' word in refering to body waste.

    Tip #4 If you cannot find your pet in the list of instructions above, find the instructions for a similar pet. Most of the pets are very similar. Look first for a pet by the same manufacturer, if that is not available, look for a similar animal (dog, cat, etc). Those instructions should help you get started.

    Tip #5 Some of the sites and scans of instructions linked to above are a bit hard to read. You might be ableto read them better on a larger monitor.

    If the instructions are not here, please do not ask us about them.

    Also if you are a manufacturer, we especially encourage you to post the instructions to your pets.

    If you are aware of any posted instructions for pets that are not listed here, please e-mail us.

    See full list on tamagotchi.fandom.com

    Tamagotchi Connection

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    • Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 instructions originally on Bandai's Canadian site, now archived by us.
    • Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 Instructions via Tama's Rule via TamaTalk.
    • Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 Instructions U.S. version 3 via Bandai's site
    • Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 Instructions via Bandai
    • Tamagotchi Version 5 via Bandai
    • Tamagotchi Version 6 Music Star via Bandai
    • Bandai also posts some instructions and tips on their U.S. site.

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    Tamagotchi Connection Instructions is part of the Tamagotchi Connection Information Center.

    The Instructions below are for the Tamagotchi Plus, very similar to Tamagotchi Connection and were provided by Bandai in their Japanese 3 Feb 2004 press release.

    All functions above are controlled from the three buttons below the screen.The 'left' button is called 'A', the 'middle' button is called 'B' and the 'right' button is called 'C'.

    'A' lets you scroll clockwise thru icons at the bottom of the screen to select a function.

    'B' is used to select a function once you highlight it with 'A'. It also scrolls through the informationin each function and is used to set the time and date.

    'C' is used to return to the main screen from within a function or to unselect all functions in the main screen.

    The 'skull icon' means your Tamagotchi is ill and needs at least one dose of medicine.

    You can connect your Tamagotchi Connection to another one (if they are both old enough) by using the 'A' button to select the 'heart' icon in the top right corner of the screen. Point the keychain end of each Tamagotchi at each other, then press the 'B' button twice. When you get them connected,they will automatically play games with each other, or visit and leave presents.

    Tamagotchi Connection Game Instructions Download

    Be sure to turn out the light when your Tamagotchi sleeps at night, he will automaticallyturn it on when he wakes up.

    Up to fifty friends can be stored along with the level of friendship: aquaintance, buddy, friend,good friend, best friend, true partner (indicated by the number of smiley faces).

    TamagotchiSquare offers some tips from translations of two Japanese books providing hintsfor raising Tamagotchi Plus (the Japanese version of Tamagotchi Connection).

    The books are Bandai's Tamaplus Raising Guide (Japanese title is 'Kaettekita TamagotchiPlus Suku Suku Sodatekata Guide') and the Bandai Playing Book (Kaettekita! Tamagotchi to Asobu Hon').

    Tamagotchi Plus has meters for Hunger, Happiness and Discipline. The books speculatethere are three other variables of importance (Luck Level, Body Needs, and Heart/Spirit).

    Luck Level ranges from one to five. If Tamagotchi's Luck level is high, they will beoffered more disciplined (higher discipline level) parters in arranged marriages. Luck Levelis fixed at birth and never changes, but marrying a higher Luck Level partner increasingLuck Level of the resulting offspring.

    The husband pdf free download mp4. Body Needs are food, health and discipline.

    Heart Needs are happiness, sleep and comforting.

    Tamagotchi Connection Game Instructions Online

    Reacting to all calls within 15 minutes, turning light off within one hour of going to sleepat night and sucessfully playing at least 20 steps in the games (hurdles or dance) help Body Needs and Heart Needs.

    Tamagotchi Connection has three buttons just like the original Tamagotchi. They generallyoperate the same way. Several years ago, we posted the original Tamagotchi instructions in four parts:
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