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  1. Finished the first tamagotchi P's English translation patch.This is the first of many patches that will translate the Japanese texts and graphics of the.
  2. English; 日本語 $ Singapore. Deco Pierces to add colour & personalisation to your Tamagotchi P's! Tamagotchi Compatible Phones. A Tamagotchi compatible NFC and infrared phone is a MUST HAVE if you want to enjoy the FULL EXPERIENCE of a Tamagotchi!
  3. This patch is an additional but optional patch for when you have patched your Tamagotchi P's into English. But the standard food items in the fridge are stil.

Tamagotchi P's Melody Land Set English Patch Download Gta V Offline Patch Download Cs Go Patch Download Winter Update Nosteam Little Busters Psp English Patch Download Stronghold 3 Update Patch Download Idm Patch Download For Pc Aliens Colonial Marines Pc Patch Download Eve Patch Download 2016 Apg 911 Patch Download. The Tamagotchi PC Pack is a disc that formerly came with certain Tamagotchis, and was bundled with a tree-shaped microphone for more interactivity. The main focus of the game is to take care of the citizens of Tamatown, which can be played with on your desktop.

When you select Tamagotchi P's under the connection menu, you will be presentedwith these options:

アイテムこうかん(Exchange items)
Under Play, there will be two options:
あそびにいく(Go out to play; select this if thedevice will be the visitor)
ともだちをよぶ(Call friends; selectthis if the device is the host)
If you're the visitor, you will be directly taken to theconnection standby screen. Align your IR port to the host and wait.
However, if you're the host, you will be presented withanother screen:
ふたりであそぶ(play as partners)
Select the number of players (including the host) so thatthe device will determine how many P's will connect at the same time.
The next screen will ask which connection game to play:
クッキングゲーム(cooking game)
クリスマスレシピ(Christmas recipe; downloaded)
Note: The number of connection games differ depending on thepiercings/downloaded recipe installed. However, the hide-and-seek and cookinggames are built-in.
After selecting the connection game to play, align the portsof all the visitor P's facing the host's IR port.
On the host Tamagotchi P's, press the B button. The host will begin to'scan' all the P's facing it, depending on the number of playersselected (if you have selected 2 players, only one other P's will beconnected).
The new connection standby/progress screens just display a random charactersaying something depending on the game (e.g. 'what food will you takehome?')

Another interesting note is that under Exchange items, you cannow also send downloaded store items (meals, snacks, mini-games, wallpapers) toyour friends as well.

Virtual Deco Pierces

Tamagotchi English Version

or VDP's in short, are downloadable destinations for the Tamagotchi P's that when installed will add additional content to a Tamagotchi P's just like real Deco Pierces. The main goal of VDPs is to bring new and old forgotten characters to the Tamagotchi P's together with new menu icon backgrounds.

Since the release of the first VDP a lot has been improved behind the scenes and new a type of VDP has been born: The Virtual Deco Pierce Plus or VDP+ in short.Click here for more info about them.

How to use:

First time users:Make sure you have the DP Patch installed (See below) otherwise you won't be able to raise VDP characters.

Download a VDP by clicking one of the banners below. After downloading, unzip or open the zip file and send the .JPG image file to your Tamagotchi P's using an Infrared IrDA device just like you would send any other download to your Tamagotchi P's.

After downloading the VDP to your Tamagotchi P's, go to the door icon and press the A-button repeatedly until the hand icon is pointing to VDP★xxx★ (where xxx is a number) then press the B-button twice to install the VDP. The VDP will be installed just as a regular deco pierce would. After installation the VDP download is no longer necessary and can be removed.


  • If you have not installed the DP Patch (see below) a VDP will uninstall after about 12 hours and your Tamagotchi may not transform into a VDP character.
    If Tamagotchi is already a VDP or Deco Pierce character. You will not be able to install a VDP. Change your Tamagotchi back to normal (change character) or Marry your Tamagotchi.
  • Each time you install a VDP (or a normal Deco Pierce for that matter) you will have to use the VDPs Characters favorite item 3 times as a teen with the same gender in order to transform into that character. For change VDPs you can visit the change (Hensin) location.

Deco Pierce Patch

The Tamagotchi P's will automatically unlink (remove) a linked Deco Pierce when it is not physically connected to the P's for over 12 hours. Since this is not possible with VDPs you will need to install this patch to prevent a VDP from been removed after 12 hours.
Click the image to download.

English item collection

You can download a near complete collection of English items at the bottom of this page for even more enjoyment.


VDP concept, programming and conversions by Mr.Blinky.
Customized characters, menu icons, items and banner artwork by Myiko.
Additional VDP testing by Myiko and GranDownload

Download and installation video


VDP Downloads:

Click the banner below to download the VDP to your computer

Tamagotchi P English Patch Download Infrared Imager

Virtual Deco Pierce Plus (VDP+)

Download and installation video

Tamagotchi P English Patch Download Infrared Windows 10

VDP+ Downloads:

Tamagotchi P English Patch Download Infrared Pc

Bigbluebutton greenlight without docker centos. Click the banner below to download the VDP+

Latest Wow Patch Download

English download Collection v1.0