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Looking for custom Scouting supplies to outfit your Scouts and leaders? Look no further than the Moritz Embroidery Works. We are an officially licensed BSA supplier with decades of experience. As such, we can supply your unit with custom numeral patches, custom neckerchiefs, troop T-shirts, and so much more!

Introducing our new TROOP Apparel Collection: This classic 1980's classic set is back for the first time in 30 years. Made of nylon and featuring detailed. View full product details.

Our experienced and friendly sales specialists will guide you through the process of creating beautiful custom items that conform with all the national BSA policies and trademark standards. We’ll help you get the perfect custom gear that’ll fit your troop’s needs and budget.

Call us (toll free) at 800-533-4183 to place an order or browse our website at

Custom Unit Numerals

We are proud to offer officially-licensed custom unit numeral patches. Whether you have a two-, three- or four-digit number; and whether you’re looking for the “Centennial” khaki/green numbers for a Scouts, BSA uniform or the classic red/white numbers for a Cub Scout or Venturing shirt, a custom unit numeral from the Moritz Embroidery Works can help the Scouts and Scouters in your unit show the number on their sleeve with pride and ease.

  • For existing orders, please contact Corporate Clothier at 877-255-2554 For Flag and banner orders, please call Flags USA at 866-879-1776 For all other inquiries, please contact us: email protected.
  • Troop Jackets, clothing and apparel are now available and shipping worldwide! Stay tuned as more Troop releases become available. TROOP All Over Arrow T-Shirt Black $ 19.99 Troop Cabana Zip Up Shirt $ 55.00.
  • For existing orders, please contact Corporate Clothier at 877-255-2554 For Flag and banner orders, please call Flags USA at 866-879-1776 For all other inquiries, please contact us: email protected.

Minimum orders start at just 12 pieces with average pricing under $3.50 per emblem. No set-up charges. Production and delivery time takes two weeks or less (one-week rush-orders accepted at no extra charge).

Order custom unit numeral patches for your unit today! Call us (toll free) at 800-533-4183 or shop our general store online at

Custom Troop Neckerchiefs

The neckerchief has been a symbol of the Scouting movement around the world for generations. We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of custom-embroidered and digitally-printed Scout neckerchiefs. Pick from hundreds of color combinations, dozens of neckerchief styles, and add your own custom design (or add your own custom text to one of our stock designs).

Neckerchiefs are priced as low as $7.50 each based on quantity. Minimum orders start at just 25 pieces. Production and delivery takestwo weeks or less.

World Of Troop

Create a beautiful custom neckerchief for your unit today! Call us (toll free) at 800-533-4183 or shop our “stock design” collection online at

Custom Troop Apparel

Make your unit look sharp with great BSA-licensed apparel. The Moritz Embroidery Works offers custom embroidered and screen-printed garments for Scouts and Scouters. Get custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, caps or other wearables with your troop number, logo or custom design. We’re proud to offer quality garments that’ll meet your unit’s needs (and budget).

Normal production and delivery takestwo weeks or less (one-week rush-orders considered and accepted in most cases).

Get great gear for your unit today! Call us (toll free) at 800-533-4183 or request a quote online at

Custom Face Masks

Troop Shoes From The 80's

Show your Scout spirit while helping to stop the spread of disease. As in-person Scouting activities begin to resume, be prepared and protect your Scouts, volunteers and community with quality face masks with your troop, or pack name!

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Add your custom text and colors to one of our BSA stock designs or contact us to create a fully-custom mask with your logo or design. Minimum orders start at just 25 pieces with great bulk order pricing and discounts available. Masks come in four sizes with adjustable ear loops to ensure a good fit for all ages.

For more information, or to start a custom mask order, contact us at 800-533-4183 or [email protected] simply visit

Troop Sport also known as World Of Troop or just, TROOP was a clothing company founded in 1985 by two Jewish brothers, Teddy and Harvey Held, and a Korean, William Kim. The clothing line was intended to target young men in urban areas, particularly those who were Latino and African-American. The company went bankrupt and had its reputation hurt after rumors spread that company was actually owned by the Ku Klux Klan (similar rumors have been made about popular companies such as drink company Snapple and shoe company Timberland as well), and that the name stood for 'To Rule Over Oppressed People.' Additional rumors claimed that rapper LL Cool J appeared on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' urging viewers to protest the company. The rumors about the connection to the Klan hurt sales and the company declared bankruptcy several years later. These rumors were categorically false, with Held saying that they were 'blackmail' from competition.[1] By the early 90s, Troop was gone from the American market, although it enjoyed a longer life in Europe throughout the 90s through a licensee.

Over the years, the brand grew a cult following as retro style became hot again and vintage pieces would go for big money on eBay. The brand exchanged ownership numerous times through failed comeback attempts and licensee deals in the early 2000s, and in 2008, Grammy Award winning artist Nelly obtained the TROOP apparel license.[2] In 2014, the brand was purchased outright and the brand has been relaunched in 2015.[3] The brand has reissued T-shirts and original leather jackets in addition to the footwear.[4]


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