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I have being trying to sign into my now tv app on the xbox one for days now but can get no further than the login screen, I have entered the correct email and password but the app doesn't open when I click OK? I have changed my password online but didn't help, has anybody had similar problem and man. Despite being available on Xbox 360 for a number of years, the Sky TV app failed to make the jump to Xbox One upon the console's launch two years ago. Here is how:- You need the HD version of TATA Sky. Then if you look, there are two ports on the back of the XBOX One. One says TV Output (or something.

Tv From Sky Xbox One Error

Have you purchased a universal remote to control the Hisense tv? if so then you will need a code to program the remote on your tv however if you don’t have a code then don’t worry because in this article I’m going to share Hisense tv remote codes that you can use to connect the remote.

Normally Hisense Tv comes with a remote so if you have lost the remote or it got damaged then you can use the universal remote to operate your tv. Though most of the Hisense TVs require 4 digits code to program the remote there are some devices that require a 3 and 4 digits code.

So I will share all the codes below so after using the and 4 digits code if your tv does not connect with the remote then use the 5 digits code, you will get several codes so use all the codes until your tv accepts the code and the remote works correctly.

So before moving to the codes make sure to read whole the article until the end thus you don’t miss any kind of useful information and the working codes. After using all the codes if your remote didn’t respond then tell me I will provide you with an alternative way to program the remote.

Hisense TV Remote Codes list

In the list, you will get 3, 4, and 5 digits codes so use each code carefully if you miss any digit of the code then you may fail to program the remote, try all codes if the first doesn’t work then the second or third will surely work however if you program the remote correctly all the keys will work on your tv.

Tv From Sky Xbox One Subtitles


While entering the code if your remote lose the signals and stop working then check if there is an object stoping the remote signals to your tv then remove if the problem still persists, then take your remote close to your tv, and then enter the code.

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Hisense TV Remote Codes Spectrum

After trying all the above Hisense tv remote codes if your spectrum universal still not working with tv then below are some codes only for spectrum universal remote use them to program the remote on your Hisense tv if the first code didn’t work then keep using other codes until the remote connect correctly.

The codes will work on all the models of spectrum universal remote like charter spectrum universal remote, Spectrum RC122, etc however if none of these codes work on your remote then leave your remote name and model number in the comments I will provide you code related to your model number.


Tv From Sky Xbox One Plus

Your remote will work with these codes if not then the problem could be in your remote check its batteries if they are expired then remove them and place the new batteries, if you do the programming on expired batteries then the remote will stop working while using the codes and you will fail to connect it with your tv.

Hisense TV Remote Codes For DirecTV

To program the DirecTV universal remote on Hisense tv you can find the code above hence if you have tried all these codes but your remote still didn’t connect with your tv then in this list you will get some codes that are only compatible with Directv remote use all the codes one by one to program the remote.


Here are only 5 digits codes because most of the Hisense TVs require 5 digits codes for programming the DirecTV universal remote however if your tv needs a 3 or 4 digits codes then ask me in the comments section I will provide you as soon as possible.

Hisense TV Code For Sky Remote

With the sky universal remote you can operate several devices like TVs, Home theater, and more however you can control any brand of the tv with this so if you are wondering to operate your Hisense tv then I have some codes that will help you to program the sky remote on tv.

This remote has several models like Sky+ and sky Q so so I’m listing the codes for both thus try each code one after one, one of these codes will surely help you to connect the remote with your Hisense tv if not then tell me I will find another code and will provide you instantly, therefore, these codes will also work on the skybox.


These Hisense tv codes will also work on all the versions of sky remote therefore if you don’t know the version of your sky remote then you can find it inside of your remote’s battery cover or next to where the batteries are located it must begin with rev.

Hisense TV Remote Code For Xbox One

Desperados iii digital deluxe edition. Not only TVs but you can also control your Xbox One with the universal remote it is because almost all the universal remotes and Xbox one supports HDMI-CEC connection, so I’m listing some codes in the below table try all the codes until the remote work properly on your Xbox.


These are universal default codes so you can use them on any brand of your Xbox one therefore if none of these codes help then leave your Xbox one’s brand name in the comments form I will check some working codes in my list and then provide you there.

Hisense TV Pin Code

Are you worried because your Hisense tv is locked and you don’t have a pin code to unlock it, if so then you don’t need to be upset anymore, because I have some pin codes that will help you to unlock your Hisense tv though try each code until the TV unlock?

  • 111
  • 7777
  • 1234
  • 9999
  • 0000

When you purchase the Hisense tv you will get a pin code that you need to enter while turning on the tv or at the time of configuration, so if you forgot to ask the code then these codes will help, though if these codes do not work then you will have to go to the website of your tv manufacturer.


Hisense TV Code For Youtube

Do you want to use youtube on your Hisense tv then you have to follow few steps to get the code and connect the youtube with tv, therefore for doing that you will need a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection though you have one of these devices then follow the below steps.

First Switch-on your Hisense TV then Open the Youtube App on the TV.

After that Go-to the settings.

Then Scroll to the Link with the TV Code.

Here you will find a blue code on your TV screen.

Now on your smartphone or tablet open the youtube app.

Tap on your Profile Picture from the top right-hand side of your Phone/tablet and select settings.

In the Settings Tap on the Watch on TV option.

From there Tap on the Enter TV Code below the Link with tv code option.

When you tap on it, you will see code space, Now Type the blue TV code shown on your tv screen.

After Typing the code Tap on the Link.

That’s all now you can use youtube on Hisense tv without any worries however make sure that the code that you got made of numbers, in case the code is made of letters then follow the above steps again to get the numeric code. Although if you face any type of issue while following the steps then you can ask me any time.


All the working Hisense TV Remote Codes are attached in the above lists however all the codes are my own tested and they are working rightly so use each code to get control of your Hisense tv, therefore, I update almost all the codes after a week.

So if you find the code that does not work with your tv then tell me I will try it on my tv if it doesn’t work then I will replace it with another working code. After checking the whole guide if you have any type of confusion then share it with me I will try to clear all of your confusion.

Tv From Sky Xbox One Controller

Tv From Sky Xbox One

Tv From Sky App Not Working Xbox One

Now it’s over to you which code you are going to try first? which part of this tutorial did you like the most? although if you successfully program the remote then don’t forget to share the code that helped you to connect the remote because it will help others to choose the working code.