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The Thunder Bay Border Cats have set a date for their hopeful return to Port Arthur Stadium.

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The team is scheduled to open the 2021 Northwoods League season at home on May 31, when they'll host the St. Cloud Rox.

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'With everything that's going on in the world right now, we just hope that things are going to turn the corner here come springtime, and we can kind of get back to normalcy, including having baseball,' said team vice-president Bryan Graham.

The Border Cats cancelled their 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some American-born players who had signed with the team were able to play in a three-team mini-league based in North Dakota (Canadian players were left out, however, due to travel restrictions).

'With the good news that there's a vaccine in the works, and about to be distributed, hopefully, in the coming months, we're hopeful that things will get back to some sort of normalcy come the spring and into next summer,' Graham said. 'We're going to keep, obviously, in a lot of dialogue, in continuous dialogue, with the health unit here in town, the City of Thunder Bay, and obviously the Northwoods League, and just kind of hope and plan that we're going to be playing baseball again next summer.'

But the Border Cats have remained active behind-the-scenes, with 25 players currently signed to the 2021 roster, Graham said.

While the full, 72-game 2021 Northwoods League schedule won't be released until Dec. 8, the Border Cats did provide a few more details on Tuesday:

  • A School Day game will take place between the Border Cats and the Rox at 11:05 a.m. on June 1.
  • The Superior Cup begins June 28, when the Border Cats host the Duluth Huskies.
  • Fireworks night on June 30, following the Border Cats-Eau Claire Express game.
  • The Border Cats will play the Express in an afternoon game on Canada Day.
  • July 14 will see the Border Cats play a split day/night doubleheader against the Bismarck Larks.
  • And the Border Cats will close out the 2021 regular season on Aug. 12 with a game against the Willmar Stingers.

In addition, the Border Cats have introduced a new five-game ticket package for the upcoming season.

More details can be found at the team's website.

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