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Vuetify 2.x and 1.x support; Installation yarn add tiptap-vuetify # Or npm install -save tiptap-vuetify Get started Nuxt. If you have Nuxt.js, here is a simple demo how to integrate it (@nuxtjs/vuetify module is used). The code for this example is taken from this github repository, you.

A collection of Vue and Vuetify Components you might find useful for use in your own Apps:

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  • Vuetify Markdown Editor. Beautiful, free Hero Backgrounds. Image Upload Vue Component. Accept arbitrary JavaScript or JSON Objects.
  • 7 Vuetify Free Templates for Spring 2020 Vuetify is one of the most popular frameworks and has been in development since 2016. This project provides users with everything that is needed to build rich and engaging web applications using the Material Design specification and Vue.
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Vuetify Markdown Editor

To make contributing ServiceStack Community content as pleasant as possible we’ve developed a custom Markdown Editor that enhances a Vuetify Text Input component with editing features optimal for authoring Markdown of developer content.

@servicestack/editor is a developer-friendly Markdown Editor for Vuetify Apps which is optimized for GitHub Flavored Markdown where it supports popular IDE short-cuts for authoring code like tab un/indenting, single-line code and comments blocks, etc.

For wrist-friendly productivity the Editor supports many of the popular Keyboard shortcuts found in popular IDEs:

It’s ideal for use in Apps that need to accept rich Content and can be installed with:

Where it’s used like a regular Vue or Vuetify component:

Vuetify parse markdown

See the Project Page for documented Example Usage of its features and how to make use of it within an existing component.

Beautiful, free Hero Backgrounds

@servicestack/images is a growing hand-picked curated collection of beautiful free images from that’s an easy drop-in to any Website, with backgrounds being served from GitHub’s CDN.

heroes.js is a dependency-free script that returns different URLs to 2560x1000/hero images ideal for usage in hero backgrounds.

It includes a number of different API’s to control which hero to get and for how long to return the same hero for:

Live Example: /heroes

It’s used in all TechStacks pages containing background hero images where it’s embedded inside a Vuetify Parallax Component where it provides a subtle parallax effect. This example shows the same hero image for each Technology based on its slug:

The Usage section on the project page contains additional examples showing how to use it within a static web page, a npm-based Web App using ES6/TypeScript as well as inside a React or Vue Component.


Image Upload Vue Component

The FileInput.vue is a simple single File Upload Component with an image preview.

The basic usage example below shows an example of using it to upload files with the JsonServiceClient where instead of sending a Request DTO, use toFormData to create a “multipart/form-data” FormData request that can be sent using the postBody API, e.g:

Inside your ServiceStack Service the uploaded file will be accessible from IRequest.Files collection with any additional arguments used to populate the Request DTO.

You could use VirtualFiles.WriteFile(path, Request.Files[0].InputStream) to write the file to the configured Virtual File System provider, but as we want to keep the App Server stateless we’re instead uploading it to Imgur and just saving the URL on Imgur:

If you’d also like to upload to Imgur you can copy the UploadToImgur extension in ImgurExtensions.cs into your project which includes image size validation as well as extracting any Imgur error responses into a readable C# Exception so it displays the cause of any downstream Imgur Upload Error in your UI.

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Vuetify Parse Markdown

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Vuetify Display Markdown

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