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Author(s)Arikado, Jendave
Ported byLnuxguy
TypeShooting game
LicenceGPL and Freeware
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel

WiiDoom is a Wii port of Doom using the open source PrBoom engine.

  • 4Playable IWADS
  • 6Media


  1. WiiDoom is available via the Homebrew Browser.
  2. If you are using the Homebrew Channel, just copy the WiiDoom directory from the archive (located in the apps directory) to the apps directory on the root of your SD card. If you are using another loader, you have to use the 'boot.dol' file.
  3. Place IWAD files in /apps/wiidoom/data/
  4. To play PWADS you will need a full copy of Doom 1 or Doom 2. Place PWAD files in /apps/wiidoom/data/pwad/
  5. Launch the game using your loader.


Short version, Thecolorofmoney removed the Chex Quest PWADs and repackaged it into a .zip rather than .7zip (personal preference), and uploaded to a better file host.

Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c6f5s0l760gudfo/WiiDoom-fork.zip?dl=0

Long version, from Mr. Reaper:

The default WiiDoom download above seems to crash if you try to load DOOM1.WAD (the included shareware Doom!). It did run for me with the standard DOOM.WAD though.

But I found this WiiDoom-Fork, which is an updated and improved version: https://github.com/smitnich/WiiDoom-Fork

It does run the included Doom Shareware. And, as noted on its page, this fork added some controller options, music support, and it fixed a long-standing bug where stereo sound was reversed in the game (sounds which should come from the right were coming from the left). I don't think any other Wii Doom port has fixed that problem.

However, this fork was not packaged correctly on the github site, so I went ahead and put together a functional package, including the Timidity files which enable music. I also did a bit of hex editing of the .dol in order to alter the expected locations of those files so they could be put within the WiiDoom folder instead of being on the root, to make things more tidy. And by the way, that WiiDoom path is hard-coded, so don't try renaming it or you'll get crashy!

Also, along with the DOOM1.WAD (shareware) file, I included Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 PWADs (those are also free), so you should be able to play this without any further downloads. Unfortunately this port cannot load .DEH files which are needed to fully convert mods like Chex Quest, so not quite everything in the games will be converted -- for example, the Flemmoids will shoot at you even though they normally shouldn't. And note that Chex Quest 2 uses sounds from Chex Quest (1), so they both must be loaded in order to play Chex Quest 2 (without having Doom sounds in the game, anyway).

Including the sound files does make for a much larger download.. so this is 29.4 meg.

Download here: https://www.datafilehost.com/d/052f38df

(Careful, it looks like this free file host tries to open popups that download crapware. Just close the popup immediately and click the download link on the original page until you get the 7zip file. Feel free to mirror this file at a better host.)

Other IdTech 1 ports

Just thought I'd do everyone a favor and mention some other Wii ports of IdTech 1 games.

Heretic and Hexen, games that run on the Doom engine, do not work with WiiDoom but Arikado also made ports of those games to the Wii:

Heretic and Hexen are both great FPSes in a fantasy setting with RPG elements (if I remember correctly) but they ain't no Strife. (You should definitely check out Strife, it's the Doom engine pushed to its absolute limits.)

Speaking of Strife, nitr8 released a collection of Wii IdTech 1 ports called 'Wii-DOOM / Wii-HERETIC / Wii-HEXEN / Wii-STRIFE (ALL-IN-ONE) *PROPER*'. Absolutely amazing title. Giving the page a once-over, it seems nitr8 fixed some bugs and added support for new IWADs. No Gamecube support on the grounds of ' I don't own one'. Can't give a direct link because gbatemp is blacklisted for some reason, just google 'wiidoom gbatemp' and see if you can get it going for yourself. Looks like a lot of 'put that file in that directory because it's hardcoded you moron', good luck.

Playable IWADS

IWADs (or internal WAD files) contain levels, sounds, textures, and sprite data necessary to play the game. An IWAD represents the unmodified base content of the game. The following commercial wads are known to work:

  • Original Doom and Ultimate Doom (shareware and full)
  • Final Doom

PWAD Support

PWADs can be loaded in the order you choose when launching the program. The start screen allows the player to choose one IWAD (required) and one PWAD. Regardless of which controller you want to use, a Wiimote is required to select WADs. The name of the WAD in the PWAD folder (sd:/apps/wiidoom/data/pwads) cannot be longer than 4 characters. Bummer, I know. Get ready to get creative renaming all of your PWADs and not forgetting what they are.

PWADs designed for 'advanced feature' source ports, like EDGE or ports in the ZDoom family are not likely to work on WiiDoom, since it is based on PrBoom. A good guideline to use is to make sure that the WADs specify whether they are designed for 'vanilla', 'limit-removing', or 'Boom/Boom based' source ports.

However, it seems for both the official version of WiiDoom and the fork .deh patch loading is absent. For the layman, Dehacked or .deh patches can change the behavior of weapons, monsters etc. so some mods that have .deh patches separately or embedded in the wad (even worse) will function not as intended. So no Batman Doom or other classic TCs on the Wii, no sir. You're stuck with (at best) wads that replace sprites, sounds and maps.

WADs that work:

Sigil of the Baphomet, John Romero's handcrafted episode 5 for Ultimate Doom (use the sigil_compat.wad, it replaces episode 3 and WiiDoom can't handle an episode 5 like GZDoom can.)

Hell Revealed Difficult PWAD

Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Doom Episode 1 replacement

Fistful of Doom Short Western-inspired TC for Doom 2


If the nunchuk is not working when WiiDoom first loads, then simply unplug it and plug it back in.

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Move around
Turn left/right
/Weapon select
Use/Open/Menu Select
Pan Automap
Automap Follow
/Automap Zoom In/Out

Free Wii Wad Downloads

Can't quite figure out tables, so feel free to reformat this section, but here's the general control scheme for GC/classic controllers finally:

(This is only for the WiiDoom fork, WiiDoom 0.4.5 has issues with the Classic Controller and Gamecube Controller.)


Gamecube Controller

  • Control Stick: movement (pressure sensitive; tilt hard for sprint, tilt softer to move at walking speed.)
  • C Stick: turning
  • D-Pad Left: previous weapon
  • D-Pad Right: next weapon
  • Right Shoulder button: fire
  • A button: interact
  • B button: automap follow
  • Z button: automap
  • X button: automap zoom in
  • Y button: automap zoom out
  • D-Pad: pan automap
  • Start button: menu

Classic Controller

  • Left Stick: movement (pressure sensitive; tilt hard for sprint, tilt softer to move at walking speed.)
  • Right Stick: turning
  • D-Pad Left: previous weapon
  • D-Pad Right: next weapon
  • R button: fire
  • A button: interact
  • - button: automap follow
  • + button: automap
  • ZR button: automap zoom in
  • ZL button: automap zoom out
  • D-Pad: pan automap
  • Home button: menu




  • Keycards/skullkeys are not shown in the HUD.
  • Some walls/textures are not drawn.
  • No music. (Music is fixed in the fork because Timidity and a soundfont are prepackaged.)
  • Weapon display in TNT is broken

Report Bugs at the project page. Please do not use the wiki discussion page to report bugs.


0.4.5 - 29-August-2010

  • Full SDHC Support
  • Full USB Support
  • Classic Controller Support
  • Gamecube Controller Support
  • Changed /prboom/ to /apps/wiidoom/data/
  • Various bugfixes and tweaks

0.4.2 - 13-May-2010

  • Compiled against devkitpro r21 and latest SDL.

0.4.1 - 5/12/2008

  • Fixed shareware wad crashing bug

0.4 - 17/11/2008

  • Added WAD loader
  • Finale cast can now be advanced through
  • Config file saving/loading works
  • Classis stairbuilding enabled by default
  • Added IR crosshair option in general settings menu
  • Disabled IR crosshair by default
  • Fixed vertical resolution to fit on the screen better
  • Fixed Twilight Hack Input bug
  • Moved messages output location to original spot
  • 'Reset to defaults' now works

0.3.1 - 10/10/2008

Nintendo Wii Wad Downloads

  • IR input based on raw values (and seems smoother, IMO)
  • BFG/weapon switching bug fixed
  • Added (small) IR crosshair, to help with aiming

0.3 - 9/21/2008

  • Saving/Loading works (using Nintendo-style save slots)
  • Messages are now correctly displayed on screen
  • Automap works (panning, zooming, and follow mode)
  • Boot.dol distributed instead of Boot.elf (much smaller file)
  • Preliminary PWAD support (one wad at a time)

0.2 - 9/10/2008

  • Remapped Wii controls to joystick handling code
  • Control stick no longer stalls
  • Joystick code extended to handle nearly all currently supported device inputs
  • IR controls partly implemented (basic turning)
  • Menu navigation made consistent with Wii titles
  • Audio now plays at correct pitch
  • Brightness/Gamma set to low value
  • Framerate uncapped
  • Weapon switching via Left/Right on D-pad
  • IR is now linear

0.1.1 - 8/23/2008

Wad Wii Download N64

  • Fixed the 'Quit' bug
  • Hit 'A' for all instances of 'Y' (yes) to verify
  • Replaced the Homebrew Channel icon to Funkamatic's

Wii Game Wad Downloads

0.1 Alpha - 8/22/2008

  • First public version


Wii Wad

You can donate to Arikado using the ChipIn widget on his blog : http://arikadosblog.blogspot.com

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